Day zero at IIMA PGPX

So what a day it has been. Frankly I can conjure no adjective to express my emotion. I say it day zero because practically we are still into our induction and our official courses are yet to begin. But then, let me take a breath here, this is what I’ve missed the entire day. A breath! And if this is just the trailer, well the movie is surely going to be one heck of a ride.

The day started off on a great note though, making me feel the chosen one at IIMA and ended on a note that made me feel, was it really me that they had chosen! And in between I was riding a sine wave of ever conflicting emotions. But wait isn’t this, what we call self-realization – some got it meditating under trees in the chilling Himalayas & myself receiving it inside the concrete tandoor at IIMA! But keeping jokes aside, PGPX at IIMA has set its rules straight on day zero – persist or perish. Persist because performance will only come if you can survive this rigour. But then surviving the rigour is also not enough; the Sun God has conspired with IIMA to make it worse for you. I mean in which course the college gives you umbrellas along with course material! But yet the message is loud and clear – “You are not supposed to fall sick at IIMA”!

Sitting inside the classroom at IIMA today gave me another thought – This is the room from where the leaders of tomorrow will emerge. I mean everyone seemed to have a plan out here while I’m still trying to figure myself out. The volume of books that have been given for term one was all I had read during my entire engineering life. Cases were given to be solved and I didn’t even have a clue what it actually meant. There were alumni who dropped out of choice from placements because they wanted to start something up or wanted roles of their choice and I was still thinking of my bank loan to be repaid. And above all, people actually knew how to solve a case even before a class was taken and I was like “Hey! Am I the wrong one here!”

But then it is said there is hope at the end of the tunnel. It is just, as everyone loves to quote in here, if you keep your expectations right, it will pan great. I don’t really know what that means right now, as my expectations have always been tough for me to decipher, but it gives peace to the soul. The feeling that you are surrounded with the best minds around (and believe me you are, once you attend your debut syndicate discussion here), well it will make you realise, job or no job, you will not return empty headed from this place. You will learn something that will change you as a person for the better, the least being to work tirelessly without rest!

PGPX let’s get the ball rolling!




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