IIMA Alumni Cell with Mr. Ajay Banga

In this edition, IIMA Alumni Cell has interviewed Mr. Ajay Banga, an IIM-A alumnus who is currently the president and chief executive officer of MasterCard. Beginning his business career with Nestlé in 1981, Mr. Ajay Banga spent the next 13 years working in jobs spanning sales, marketing, and general management. He later joined PepsiCo and was involved in the launch of its international fast food franchises in India. Prior to joining MasterCard, Mr. Ajay Banga spent 13 years at Citigroup from 1996 as part of the bank’s senior management in the United States and Europe, Middle East, Africa regions before becoming chairman and chief executive officer of Citi’s international global consumer group in 2005.
In this edition he shares with us his experience of making it into the top 100 performing CEO’s by Harvard Business Review, his experiences in the microfinance sector and how a degree from IIMA helped him in his journey.





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