An MBA is a like a clean slate, you can write on it, whatever you want to do the rest of your life-Atul Agarwal Warwick MBA, Class of 2014


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A brief intro on what triggered the MBA decision?

When I was getting bored at my job, I realised its time to go for it. “It was very good. It was a wonderful feeling to be in school after a long time.

How was the MBA experience, both as a student and as a professional ? What were the key learnings?

From a student’s perspective, I learned a lot, both academically and my personal self.

From a professional angle, I networked with a lot of key people, got interviews with my dream companies.”

Your views on the current scenario? Where does the MBA stand in the wake of new opportunities in the education space?

Getting an MBA is a very important for professionals to grow the corporate ladder, however its more important to get an MBA, rather than being an MBA. MBA gives a 360 degree development to professionals, therefore its essential for every corporate professionals. It also broadens the thinking horizon, adds a global perspective, if studying in an international program and gives some very good friends for life.

Your views on recruitment for the MBA programs (if any). What are the skillsets you find in the new MBA graduates? What are the gaps?

An MBA helps professionals make 3 shifts – Geographic shift, industry shift and hierarchical shift, therefore it entirely depends on which shift a professional aims to achieve through the MBA. A geographic shift and a hierarchical shift will not have an effect on the skill-set of the individual, however, if making an industrial shift, an individual starts as a fresher and needs to acquire the right skillset to succeed in the new industry.

Your experience of interacting with MBAs? What is the broad view in the organisation? Where do MBAs add value in an organisation ? Whats the HRs vision of career planning for these young professionals?

My experience has been very good till now. Organisations value an MBA as a change agent or an expert who can add a lot of value. HR does not have any specific plans for MBAs. Irrespective of whether, MBAs join in the leadership program, or in general management, they have a set career path in the organisation.

Your advice to future MBA aspirants?

Do not just focus on what you learn in the class. I tell everyone that you learn a lot from your batch mates, alumni or global MBA community. Try to speak to and network with as many people as you can and learn from the experiences of leaders. Have an open mind. Do not stereotype anyone. Sometimes, when we stereotype people, we cease to learn. Keep an open mind and enjoy your MBA. Do what you really love.

Anything else that you would like to share with readers of

An MBA is a like a clean slate, you can write on it, whatever you want to do the rest of your life.

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