What stops you from being an entrepreneur?- Mr Kumar Ankit of XLRI (Batch of 2011)


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Mr Kumar came to IIMA on 29th Oct’14 for conducting a session on “Exploring Social Entrepreneurship Avenues in Agriculture”

He regeretted the sad fact that today B-Schools in India have merely become synonymous with placement agencies. He believes that an MBA is much beyond that whie collared job. Its about exploring yourself in those 2 years.

The XL factor of XLRI helped him immensely as he set out to achieve his goal of transforming the fortunes of thousands in his native state Bihar. He had chose unconventional paths such as social entrepreneurship, social forestry, biofuels and rural development and cited how the ecosystem of XLRI left no stone unturned to help him during the crucial phase of his venture. Be it the alumni network or the faculty, everyone did his bit to take the venture going forward. He cited the example of the faculty memebrs who allowed him to prepone courses such as financial modelling as they were required in his venture or allowed him to weave all academic projects be it branding, accounting or financial planning around his business ideas.

He cited challenges in the path to enthrepreneurship and how one needs to use his knowledge and common sense to overcome the same. he also narrated interesting real life incidents of his interactions with the bureacrats w.r.t bio fuels, NREGA etc and interpretation of statutes with commas and full stops changed his life. He also cited instances of how fortune favours the brave and strokes of good luck and attendant cash flows came to the venture’s rescue when they were needed the most

Today his Rs 2 lac seed funded venture boasts of an annual revenue of Rs 32 crores and he says that the journey has just started.

About the speaker

He is an MBA from XLRI Jamshedpur (2009-11) and an engineer from Jabalpur Engineering College. He started his company, Green Leaf Energy Pvt. Ltd. under the guidance of XLRI Entrepreneurship Development Centre just 15 days into his MBA. He has already started another company, GLE Food & Beverages, and launched a fresh fruit juice kiosk chain in Delhi NCR under the brand, Fruit Press. He regularly conducts workshops on social forestry and MGNREGA for government officials.

Website: http://www.thegreenleafenergy.com/

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