Rendezvous with Mr Sanjay K Jain (IIMA PGP 93 Gold Medalist, MD of TT Ltd


What prompted you to go for an MBA?

My father was a doctor and I also wanted to be a businessman. I did MBA as I thought that would help me become a better businessman. The dream of doing from IIMA, was from Class 8 when I heard that this is the best place in India.

2) How was the MBA experience in those days?

It was an amazing experience – opened a totally new world to me in terms of knowledge, perspective, mode of teaching and most important idea of India as a country as I got to stay and study with students from across the breadth and length of the country

3) Your view on the current scenario? Where does MBA stand in the wake of new opportunities in education?

MBA is still very relevant, though now students have many more options than we had. However now its very important to be judicious in choosing the institute from where you do.

4) Your views on recruitment for the MBA programs (if any). What are the skill sets you find? What are the gaps?

MBA students live on a cloud and think they are Gods gift to mankind. MBA students need to have more real life appreciation and knowledge – very important for them to have work experience.

5) Your experience with interacting with/teaching MBA students of the current era?

Much more interactive and aware – more bold and ready to question things openly

6) Your advice to future participants

Take the MBA education as not just a degree and passport to a better job – but an opportunity to experiment and experience the multiple colors of the business environment and soak as much as you can in the short tenure of a MBA

Sanjay K Jain (IIMA PGP 93 Gold Medalist, ACS, ACMA, B.Com Hons)

Managing Director, TT Ltd

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