Colleagues. Alumni. Above all, the confidence of being able to deliver in corporate life- Tapobroto Sarkar, IIMA, Class of 2003

Tapobroto Sarkar, Tapo Da as he is popularly known as amongst his colleagues , is an alum of Don Bosco School. He then went on to study B.Sc (Maths) at JU before his PGP at IIM Ahmedabad from 2001-2003. He has had an illustrious career in financial services spanning more than a decade across behemoths like ICICI, Fullerton and now Standard Chartered Bank. Currently, he serves as Product Head for the Credit Cards and Personal Loans business

Snippets of our conversation with him


What prompted you to get admitted into an MBA program? What were the things you considered when you took that decision?

To be honest I needed a job! I did my honours in Math and had an interest in Computer Science. So I prepared for the MCA and MBA entrances. As fate would have it, I cracked IIMA. Cannot say no, when that happens!

Tell us about your life on campus, be it academics/non-academics/any interesting happenings?

Campus was a great learning experiences. The academic curve was very steep as also was the curve of having to do everything yourself, washing your clothes etc. etc. I was not used to that at all.

The first term was very tough, I was close to tears, quite a few times. But the biggest satisfaction was the feeling that you could manage all the situations you were in.

Which courses from MBA have been the most useful?

I would say, Introduction to Computers – ability to navigate Excel etc. That skillset I believe helps me even today. It was a very well designed course. The other was OM 1, where I managed a B, the challenge was not the course but the professor – Ravi C.

Tell us about the revered ones – the professors who impacted you the most at the campus.

Ravi C obviously, I think he has moved on to IIM Indore and was the dean there. Sharp, tough and a sense of humour. Arindam Bannerjee was a marketing God. He took RMDAM for us as well.

In retrospect, what has been your expected/unexpected and most cherished gain from your MBA journey?  

Colleagues. Alumni. Above all, the confidence of being able to deliver in corporate life.

Post the course completion, is there any key personal/professional experience which you have been immensely proud of and would like to share with readers?

You have to perform at work. Keep performing. I take great pride at leaving a legacy in the roles I have undertaken. Something that outlasts your tenure. I am very proud of the way we turned around Fullerton India’s business post the 2008 crisis.

7)  Any words of advice for future MBA aspirants?

Network!. Network!. Network!

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