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Ayushree Agrawal is a Company Secretary,  cleared CA Final in the year 2011 with 60%+ marks. She worked in Deloitte and the Corporate Finance team of McKinsey before pursuing her MBA at IE Business School, Spain during the year 2015-16

Her interaction with #mymbastory

1) What prompted you to get admitted into an MBA program?

An MBA is usually done to change your industry / job function or geography. I was certain about changing my job function and also wanted access to more career options and faster career progression   . Besides, with CA qualification you have access mostly to accounts/audit/ tax profiles. MBA from a premier institute has a great perceived value and you have access to other coveted roles like consulting / investment banking.

2) In retrospect, what has been your expected/unexpected and most cherished gain from your MBA journey?   

The shift in the mindset. CA taught me a lot of hard skills and MBA was all about soft skills. The teamwork made me realize how smart my fellow colleagues were and the value of different perspectives. Also, the year living and traveling in a country where I didn’t speak the language instilled a deep level of confidence in me in handling uncertainties and made me a much stronger person.

3) What is your favorite aspect of campus life and why?

The group work and the interaction with your batchmates. Since, my school had people from 60 different countries, it was always a pleasure to work / interact / socialize with such diverse people.

4) How do you think life would have been different had you not opted for an MBA?

Had it not been for the MBA, I may not have left my job in the Finance team at a consulting firm and gone outside my comfort zone. The MBA has definitely helped me grow professionally and personally and has given me access to wider career options.

5)  Any words of advice for future MBA aspirants?

I would like to answer these questions in 3 parts:

Before MBA:

Be very clear / have a decent idea of what you want from the MBA – professionally / personally or both. Also, do extensive research on which school may get u closest to the objective. Since MBA is an expensive affair, this research will go a long way in easing stress out post the MBA.

Needless to say, an MBA is generally worth only when done from a premier institute, in India or globally.

During MBA:

Be very very active. This is a safe environment so you can afford to make many mistakes and learn from them. Most likely, all your classes would follow the case study methodology. Read your cases well and participate actively in class. Also listen to how others think and speak carefully. Networking may be the most overused work during your MBA stint but it is important to make real friends by giving the best version of yourself. Also be active with the job search. Be open to knowing about all fields.

Post MBA:

Nurture your network by keeping in touch. Job search may be a tedious process and I am in favour of not jumping for the first offer you get (if it’s not aligned to what you want) and accepting/ waiting for jobs you truly are interested in.

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