MBA is like a two year crash course in survival-Mr Anurag Batra,Chairman-BW Businessworld and MDI, Gurgaon-Class of 1996,


Mr. Anurag Batra is an Indian Entrepreneur living in New Delhi. He is an entrepreneur, journalist, Internet evangelist and media expert all rolled into one.

He belongs to first generation entrepreneur and currently serving as Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of exchange4media group which includes – India’s leading media industry website, PITCH – India’s only Advertising, Marketing and Media Magazine, IMPACT – The Marketing Weekly, Franchisee Plus – India’s Business Opportunity Magazine, Realty Plus – India’s leading monthly real estate magazine and – leading media industry website in Hindi.

He has been a management student of India’s premier B-School Management Development Institute (MDI) at Gurgaon (1996) and technology student in Computer Sciences (1994). IIn 2006 the prestigious Management Development Institute (MDI) and Batra’s Alma mater awarded Batra the “Most Distinguished Alumni of the Decade Award”. Anurag Batra is also a member of the Sales & Marketing committee of the Delhi Management Association and President of the Franchising Association of India, Northern chapter. Batra is passionate about Magazines and is on the Executive Committee of the Association of Indian Magazines (AIM). Batra wants to give back to the industry and his love for teaching comes into play in his position as the Chairman of the Advisory Board of FMCC (Futuristic Media Communication Centre), a leading Media and Communication School in India.

He recently acquired the iconic business media and magazine brand BW Businessworld

Snippets of his interaction with Anurag from

1) Among the manifold career choices, what made you opt for an MBA at that point of time? In retrospect, how would you reflect on your decision?


I did what many young people do when they are growing up in India , they first go to an engineering school and then they decide what they want to do. I went to an engineering school in 1990. I did engineering because everyone was doing. At that time in late 80 s and early 90 s , either you became an engineer , or a doctor or IAS.  Once I was in the engineering school and explored myself I realized I did want to do a post graduation , both my mom and dad are post graduates and academicians and they suggested M Tech. I was not interested in being a coding junkie. I wanted to be on the creative , business side and I decided that MBA would be right for me. I decided to prepare for my MBA in the third year of my engineering and was very serious about it.  I believe in God s will for me. I absolutely think I and God made the right choice for me. MBA has worked out well for me. I went to MDI and I had a great set of classmates and peers from whom I learnt and more importantly even a better job set of teachers in Dr. Anup singh , Dr Poonam Sehgal , Dr  S R Singhvi , Dr C P  Shrimali and leaders like Dr. Pritam singh . MBA I joke are MUCH BELOW AVERAGE. Hopefully you think I have done ok so MBA worked out. I am genuinely happy with the learnings and exposure I had at MDI and made great friends. B school education prepares you for real life.

2) What were the key aspects of your MBA exam preparation strategy, both for the written test as well as the personal interviews that follow?

MBA especially CAT is about basic aptitude. I did take IMS in those days. However GD and interview are about your awareness, drive and your intellect. Reading is key to getting that right. I was a quizzes and very aware of what is happening around me . I was lucky to have got into MDI. Thumb rule three things matter , written is based on your basic maths , English and comprehension , GD on leadership and interview on knowledge and personality.


3) How does the MBA course life transform an individual?

MBA is like a two year crash course in survival. The case study learning prepares you for real life. At MDI we were lucky that we had very intense and rigorous schedule . We did work 12 – 14 hours every day, I use the term work , you can call it study . The industry interaction was the topping. We met some great professionals and leaders. We enjoyed what we were being exposed to and the environment and campus added to our learning . You learn from peers , teachers , external faculty and guest lectures. The real life training gets enhanced by live projects.

4) Can you please share an interesting experience in course of your post-MBA professional career?

I have been an entrepreneur for 16 years. I have many stories. The best one is that post MDI from campus I got a job in an IT services firm as campus. I was all set to join it when I met the guy who was setting up Colliers Jardine (a commercial real estate company). I told my dad that I would join Colliers Jardine. My dad said to my if I had to do booking why did I study so much. We were dealing with traditional mindsets then.

5) In your view, what are factors a student must carefully consider before deciding to embark on the MBA journey? (Aptitude, career aspirations etc.)

  • His or her own interest
  • Personality matters
  • Must do from a good institute
  • Must enjoy being at campus

6) In a nutshell, what would be your advice to future MBA aspirants?

MBA is what you make of it. It’s a pressure cooker environment where you get prepared for real life. MBA from a good institution matters. MBA is about being in tune with real world . it can open gates to being an entrepreneur . Attitude determines Altitude. It teaches you a bit of everything about business however at some stage you got to specialize and its UPTO you what you make of two years. It gives you an entry into a club and post that it’s UPTO you how you leverage it.


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