The key is not to be swayed by the hype of doing MBA course (and fad behind it)-Bhupendra Tiwary – IBS Hyderabad, Class of 2010


Bhupendra Tiwary graduated from St Xavier’s College, Kolkata and completed his MBA from ICFAI Business School, Hyderabad in the year 2010. He is working as Lead Analyst, Telecom & Media at ICICI Securities, Mumbai

Among the manifold career choices, what made you opt for an MBA at that point of time? In retrospect, how would you reflect on your decision

The decision to opt for MBA way back in 2008 was due to mix of reasons such as declining interest in theoretical aspects of CA (I had completed CA PEE II by then), peer pressure (call it fad), and off course a way to lucrative package. However, when I look back at it, I do laugh at the reasons for the decisions (not so for the decision per se).

What were the key aspects of your MBA exam preparation strategy, both for the written test as well as the personal interviews that follow ?

ike most of the students, I had enrolled into a coaching classes for MBA entrance exams. However, i have realised that enrolling for structured classes is never enough or rather not required. The key remains on identifying the strength area (DI and QA in my case) and sharpening it. At the same time, given that exams have sectional cutoffs, the bigger challenge is to work on the weaker area (Verbal ability) in a way that its becomes an integral aspect of preparation. Preparing for GD/PI, however, does require enrollment in some institute if the candidate is a fresher.

How does the MBA course life transform an individual? 

MBA as a career choice inculcates a host of abilities such as working in/as a team, presenting ideas with a structured approach within a deadline and more importantly a confidence in terms of having a bigger perspective for . Furthermore, more than the course, the experience of living away from home, interacting with 100’s of your batchmates with different background and skillsets, doing our own work, having the mess food or washing our own clothes gives an experience of lifetime

Can you please share an interesting experience in course of your post-MBA professional career?

I happened to deliver a guest lecture on “Equity Research profession” to TAPMI students. The questions from the students did remind me of my MBA days when we would aspire to find reasons for every new funda/concepts that we would study. It also highlighted that honesty and the willingness to learn new things act as the simple steps to achieve the bigger targets in professional career ahead

In your view, what are factors a student must carefully consider before deciding to embark on the MBA journey? (Aptitude, career aspirations etc)

Aptitude remains the most important factor before deciding on the MBA journey. The key is not to be swayed by the hype of doing MBA course (and fad behind it). The preparation of the entrance exams should be as watertight as any other big professional exams such as CA, CFA or IAS/IPS.

In a nutshell, what would be your advice to future MBA aspirants?

Work Hard. Sounds cliched but then with a success ratio of less than 2% (for bigger and better B-Schools), one doesn’t have any other option. Another suggestion would be to identify our interest/strength and make your own career choices and not to fall into peer pressure.

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