Work hard with utmost dedication and you will achieve success-Mr Rahul Bhan

Mr Rahul Bhan is the Head-Audit Asia, Colombo Sri Lanka, having earlier worked in India/international locations in companies like JSPL, RiskPro, EY, Moore Stephens, Credit Europe Bank, Deloitte, PKF, Canon etc. He is a CA from the 1995 batch and completed his MBA from Nyenrode Business University,Breukelen, Utrecht during the year 2000-2001.

Snippets of our conversation with him

What prompted you to get admitted into the CA course? What were the things you considered when you took that decision?

I started my CA in the year 1990. The main inspiration was my uncle who completed his CA in the year 1984. At that time CA profession was one of the most sought after degrees. Other reasons which prompted me to be admitted into CA course are as follows:

  1. A CA does not retire. A certificate of practice once granted gives power to sign even when you are 80 years old. In all other profession you do retire.
  2. During those days there was a big demand supply gap in case of CAs. The CA profession was highly valued.
  3. Pass rate was also not very high. So if you were a CA, you were part of a few privileged.

Tell us about your articleship life and the learnings, be it technical/non-technical/any interesting happenings?

I completed my articleship from AF Ferguson & Co. New Delhi. This was the best firm during that time and entry was really tough. References were required. Having secured good marks in B.Com and securing second position in order of merit in the University helped me to become an articled clerk of this famous firm.

The exposure during my articleship makes me or anyone proud. The audits I carried out were some big names in the industry including MNCs like Nestle, Goodyear, Eternit Everest, Hero Honda, ABB, Unilever etc.

The biggest learning was audit methodology, mentoring from some excellent seniors, documentation and discipline.

Which courses from CA have been the most useful?

All subjects of CA course were useful. Law was my favorite.

In retrospect, what has been your expected/unexpected and most cherished gain from your CA journey?

What I learned with my CA course was hard work. It takes several hours of study before one can pass his exams. During those days, we did not have Internet or Google. All studies were book based. Coaching Classes were limited. Passing Intermediate CA exam was a cakewalk, but Final exams did test my skills, capacity, capability and intelligence. Also there was a realisation that success comes only with hard work and there is no other alternative.

Post the course completion, is there any key personal/professional experience which you have been immensely proud of and would like to share with readers?

With my CA degree I could explore the world. Auditing profession had given me exposure to almost 40 countries in the world and still counting.

Experience of risk management and audit is something I am really proud of.

Out of batch of 30 articles during my CA days, probably I was one of the few who continued with the auditing profession.

Many of them asked me – Rahul-Audit once again?? Didn’t you get bored etc.?

Same question was asked when I did my full time MBA in Europe i.e. Audit once again??

  I feel proud of my audit experiences and where it has taken me.

 6)  Any words of advice for future CA aspirants?

Work hard with utmost dedication and you will achieve success.

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