Thousands of provisions, hundreds of case studies, forbidding numerical problems, and books that almost reach the ceiling- the journey that makes you so confident – CA. R.GayathriDhevi

CA story of R.GayathriDhevi

R.GayathriDhevi has got quite a commendable set of achievements up her sleeve. He graduated from the University of Madras in the year 2012, completed her CA with All India 2nd (IPCC), All India 7th (CPT) and worked in the coveted Boston Consulting Group (BCG) from the year 2014 onwards.

Now she has catapulted her profile to an altogether different profile after securing an admit from the iconic Harvard Business School. She will pursue her MBA over the next 2 years and expected to graduate in the year 2019.

Also worth a mention after her efforts at Gayathri Foundations and Becoming I Foundations

Snippets of our conversation with her

1. What prompted you to get admitted into the CA course?

I grew up in a household where debits and credits formed a part of dinner table conversations. My father is a Chartered Accountant and the Founding Partner of the audit and professional services firm K.Ramkrish& Co., which has been serving clients across industries for the last 37 years. Growing up closely seeing the impact and influence of Chartered Accountants’ work, I was drawn to the CA course.

2. In retrospect, what has been your expected/unexpected and most cherished gain from your CA journey?

I pursued CA with the aim of leading my family firm. However, along the course, I desired to understand and impact businesses from a future-looking problem solving lens in addition to donning the historic view that audit lent me. Therefore, I decided to join a consulting firm. My cherished gain of doing CA was landing a job in the management consulting industry just as I had desired.

3. What is your favorite aspect of articleship and why?

I enjoyed meeting and working with clients from different industries. Articleship gave me an opportunity to interact with many business leaders and managers of diverse organizations. It was very inspiring to learn about peoples’ entrepreneurial journey, successes, and failures.

4. How do you think life would have been different had you not opted for an CA?

CA taught me never to fear failure and to approach every activity with composure. Thousands of provisions, hundreds of case studies, forbidding numerical problems, and books that almost reach the ceiling – CA poses its share of challenges, stress, and fear. What I realized early on was that one could either drown in the challenge afraid of failure or approach the subjects analytically, develop a systemic strategy for preparation, and embrace a positive mindset. Taking the latter path helped me do well. Whenever I face any form of stressful gargantuan task in front of me, I reflect on my CA days and dive in thinking to myself, “Well this work should be easy.” CA gave me that confidence.

5. Any words of advice for future CA aspirants?

a). Build discipline and be systematic

While doing CA, you will be juggling many priorities – college, articleship, CA classes, and self-preparation. Take control of the priorities in front of you by allocating time for each activity and sticking to your schedule. Prepare a broad yearly plan and break it down into monthly and daily plan. Adopting a systematic approach will remove a lot of stress and save you from the hassles of last minute cramming closer to the exams. Find text books that make you feel comfortable, cover the subjects holistically, and expose you to a good number of questions and concepts tested in prior examinations. Leverage ICAI’s practice manuals and RTPs.

b). Develop a positive frame of mind

You’ll hear stories of people who never passed the CA exams or gave up on the course midway. You’ll be told about the pass percentage which is falling. Never pay heed to the negativity. There are thousands of candidates who pass the course in the first attempt every year. Keep positive company. You will realize that fear can be detrimental to your memory and your confidence as you step into the exam. You will ace the exams when you believe you can. Positive mindset and confidence are the most important ingredients for success in the CA course.

c.) Own your job search

As you pursue the course, start thinking about various career and/or higher education opportunities in front of you. Speak to people in different industries and look up various career options. Be proactive in your job search once you finish your final exams. In addition to campus placement, reach out to your friends, acquaintances, and professional connections. Leverage good job portals. Cold email people on LinkedIn if you must. Find the career of your choice.

All the very best for your exams and career ahead!

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