On the importance of adding the right skills than adding degrees-UditKasera- CA+MBA Candidate-IIM Bangalore Class of 2019

UditKasera  is a Commerce graduate from SRCC, CA rankholder across levels (with AIR 6 in Finals) and scored 100 in  the CA Final Financial Management paper. He has interned from Deloitte, Kolkata

Currently working as Sr. Research Aanalyst at Crisil covering Indian Financials, having earlier worked in Wipro Controllership and Treasury

He has cleared all 3 levels of CFA

Recently he cracked the CAT exam and gained an admission into the prestgious 2 year MBA program of IIM Bangalore and will be joining the same this monthSnippets of our interaction with him

1) What prompted you to get admitted into the CA course?

I finished my undergrad in 2009 & aspired a career in finance. Our campus placement season coincided with the collapse of Lehman Brothers & getting a job of the right choice in the finance sector was very difficult. A careful analysis of the available options made me pick CA as the preferred choice for pursuing a career in finance.

2) In retrospect, what has been your expected/unexpected and most cherished gain from your CA journey?

Today CA’s have moved out of the traditional accounting & audit zone and are well respected in various fields. I have worked in various roles like accounting, treasury & equity research over the last four years. The CA curriculum equips one with requisite knowledge & skills to handle diverse roles in the corporate world.

3) What is your favorite aspect of Article-ship and why?

Travelling was one thing which I loved during Articleship. Visiting different places & meeting people from geographically diverse backgrounds helped me in developing my interpersonal skills, adjusting in new places & situations.

4) How do you think life would have been different had you not opted for a CA?

The choices for higher education available for commerce graduates are very limited when it come to classroom teaching. I feel an MBA would have been the next best alternative for me after undergrads. Getting admitted into a reputed B-School takes a lot of investment in term of time & efforts and it can open up a plethora of opportunities & it is equally important to do it at the right time.

5) How did you decide to do an MBA after your CA & CFA & what helped you getting admitted, Do you feel that taking multiple degrees help?

Haha !!(laughs) Well, adding the right skills set helps you in the long run rather than adding degrees. This was like one of the questions which I was grilled on by the interview panel. After moving into Equity research last year & working along with my peers & clients, I realized that the right time has come for me to do an MBA. The biggest hurdle in the process was to crack admission interviews where they grill you on academics, work experience, current affairs, extra-curricular, and everything under the sun. You need to dazzle the interview panel with at-least one of these. For me, the work at Crisil and our thesis for the Indian banking space was the turning point during interviews at IIM A& IIM B. A family friend of mine used to help me with mock interviews.

6) Any words of advice for future CA aspirants?

Give in your 100% percent to achieve whatever you want in life and the whole universe will conspire for you to fulfill your dreams!!

You can connect with me https://www.linkedin.com/in/udit-kasera-55345659/

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