I can’t even imagine myself without that CA tag- Amit Kumar Agrawal-CA rankholder& MBA Candidate-IIM Calcutta-Class of 2019

Amit Kumar Agrawal cleared CA in May 2016 with AIR 9 in CPT, AIR 20 in IPCC & AIR 38 in Finals. He completed my artilceship from Desai Haribhakti. He has also cleared 4 papers of Actuaries with AIR 1 in Financial Reporting. He’ll be pursuing MBA from IIM Calcutta (Class of 2019).

Snippets of our interaction with Amit

1) What prompted you to get admitted into the CA Course?

I opted for commerce because it involved lower cost low & because my parents wanted me to. CA was a natural destination, it being the most respected profession in Commerce.

2) In retrospect what has been your expected / unexpected & most cherished gain out of the CA profession?

Reflecting back, choosing CA was the best decision of my life. Every single thing fell in the right place. I’ve been lucky to receive the best of guidance from the best of minds. The fact that CA gives a huge importance on learning while you’re studying made sure I was well aware of the corporate culture. Articleship from Desai Haribhakti was a cherishing experience for life. Those 3 years gave me exposure & time to ponder about where I want to be & what I want to achieve.

Something quite unexpected was the lack of grooming in CA, where we are treated as adults & expected to start living a corporate life from the age of 18. I never really cared about working on my sub par communication skills, which was a let down for me in most of the interviews I attended. Learning from these set backs have helped me to focus on improving myself every single day.

3) What is your favorite aspect of Articleship& why?

I was fortunate enough to do my Articleship from Desai Haribhakti, that too in Mergers & Acquisitions. M&A could get quite stressful with its long working hours and frustrating when we had no projects lined up for months. I cherish both the moments. There were months where I handled quality work on Valuations & Restructuring. The atmosphere groomed me from an Intern to a Professional. When there were no projects lined up, I used up that time effectively in updating my knowledge.

4) How do you think life would have been different had you not opted for CA?

I can’t even imagine myself without that CA Tag. Now that I’ve been exposed to a corporate environment in my articleships, and would be starting with an MBA, I am sure I want to become a Business Consultant in the future. In all probability, I would’ve taken up Engineering, still unsure of what I want to do even after graduations.

5) Your advice to future aspirants?

Most people think CA is kind of a jigsaw puzzle which requires more than one attempt to see to the right picture. Most of what we achieve depends on what we believe we can do. Most people skips attempts to get more time, and then end up failing. Some skip attempts to achieve a rank. Some don’t even dare to aim for a Rank. I would advise them to start believing in themselves. If you’ve the potential you can clear the exams in the first attempt that too with a rank. Your attitude matters more than a Rank Certificate. Aim for the best and forget the rest.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the competition you will face for the CA Exams. In the real world you’re going to compete with the greatest.

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