‘Hope never dies, it returns’- Vishal Kulthia

“Failure is also the roadway to success with light of faith”

“Vishal Kulthia, a qualified Chartered Accountant (May, 2015). Among all the story of success, ranks and growth, he has shared his story of failure. He have cleared his CA final in 4 attempts…Yes you read it right..!! It took him 4 attempts to clear his CA final. A bright student, a St. Xavier’s College Graduate, a person who never faced failure before, fall for the first time when he came face to face with his CA finals.

He could not crack in his first attempt because of sudden demise of his beloved uncle in mid of  final exams. His entire family went into deep sorrow, which affected the environment for his studies as well. He feared to fail and being unaccepted. He unfortunately took 4 attempts to realize the importance of failure and then changed it into success with great determination and hard work. He believes, “How will you rise to the limit of the sky, if you will fear to fail and fall?”

He is currently working as Deputy Manager with Deloitte, providing Ind AS/IFRS Advisory and Assurance services.

  1. What promoted you to get admitted into the CA course? What were things you considered when you took that decision?

CA was only two letters for me but an unconquered dream for my father and a destiny for myself. My father’s unfulfilled dream was my greatest desire. I get admitted into CA because of the knowledge and respect a CA gets when he qualifies to receive the scroll of his success, The degree. I felt a sense of pride that I will get to serve into the fields of finance and advisory services where my clients will look up to me with the hope that I will be there with my support to solve the issues faced by them. My decision was right because what I learnt from CA is that ‘the true growth and prosperity is with integrity and dedication with an ambition to rise along with the intent of greater good’.

  • Tell us about your articleship life and the learnings, be it technical/Non-technical/any interesting happening?

With the desperate desire to work in big four, I got an opportunity to work in Deloitte as an associate (article). I believe it has been the most grilling as well as grooming session of my life. It prepared me for a lot of academic and non-academic aspects of being professional. Effective communicator, presentable, multi-tasker, problem-solver and team-leader is the skills I developed over the period of my articleship. I also got an opportunity to work with great mentor important to mention Mr. AbhijitBandyopadhyay, Mr. Saubhik Sarkar and Nesarul Mustafa, who have been a guide as well as a brother. I also worked on my PR skills and learned to be a solution provider to my clients.

  • Which course from CA have been the most useful?

All of them!!! As all CA student must have learned by now, the importance of minimum 40 marks by now. Every single subject from SFM, Accounts, Audit and Tax, all of them were crucial for a CA to know. The integrated approach of all is the most helpful for sustainable growth. If asked one, it will be tough to choose because I remember how I worked hard to turn 24 in ISCA to 71 (3rd Highest all over India) and 36 in SFM to 68. I learned how to turn my weakness with dedication into my strength.

  • In retrospect, What has been your expected/unexpected and most cherished gains from CA journey?

The most cherished gains I have made from my CA journey is to be the last man standing and facing all that comes my way. Never give up, because the faith of your family, friends and the blessing of your mother never goes in vain. Stand strong, stand still and dedicate yourself to growth as the success will be given to you, if you learn to accept your failures and carry the batches of your failures as you show-off the batches of success. I have become more confident about myself and I learned to rise back even after great falls. I am also aspired to grow into a great professional as my name “Vishal” suggests.

  • Post the course completion, is there any key personal/professional experience which you have been immensely proud of and would like to share with readers?

Well I am a late bloomer and have hardly up-close to my ambition, and comparatively might not be up to mark of an achievement but still I am chasing continuously my own goals while not being in a race with others but in a walk with myself. Maintaining work-life-party balance while keeping track of where I have reached and how far more to go. I still would like to share with my reader, don’t be a victim of the fear of being a failure. Trust me!! Its ok. You will do fine and also great in being successful, when you will accept your own-self with no thought of people and carry your batches of failure with equal pride as you carry for success because you are attempting when every-one else is fearing and quitting.

  • Any word of advice for future CA aspirants?

Do plan, be prepared but also be ready for surprises which will shape you, mend you and make you, a better person than you always wanted be. CA will guide your way to life because sometimes even when the journey of life will get tough, you will have to be get going, in order to reach the mountain of success. Trust me, the view from the top is of great worth. Be humble, be grateful as your time to success is very close.”

You can connect with me at linkedin.com/in/vkulthia

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