Please only join if you really want to join and have the emotional endurance to do so- Harsh Mohta

Harsh Mohta qualified in the Nov 17 attempt. He has undergone his UG from St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata. He started my professional journey with Deloitte, Kolkata in their Statutory Audit department as an article. Post qualification, he has joined EY in their Transactions Advisory Service Line in Mumbai.

Snippets of his conversation with #mycastory

1) What prompted you to get admitted into the CA course?

Ans) My answer might resonate with quite a few people. My dad is a qualified CA and I’ve seen the kind of life he’s been able to provide for our family and me. Since my earliest memory, I’ve always seen my dad as someone who sat in with everybody because everybody loved him and listened to him intently. You need to posses a certain type of confidence to win a crowd over and that can only come with knowledge. CA therefore had always been my calling.

2) In retrospect, what has been expected/unexpected and most cherished gain from your CA journey?

Ans) I’ve been extremely fortunate and blessed throughout my journey of becoming a CA. The kind of relationships and bond that I’ve developed during the entire tenure of it all, has been overwhelming. A lot of people will tell you that ‘networking’ is very important in our field, which is true. However, if the relationships that you build through this journey, is not done with any intention for networking and has no ulterior motive, then you will make develop the kind of relationship that is for life and they’ll always be by your side (both professionally and personally).

3) What is your favourite aspect of articleship and why?

Ans) I have undergone articleship training from Deloitte, Kolkata. I entered the place a small timid boy and walked out a man with his head held high. What I appreciated the most was that my firm concentrated on overall development of its articles. Not only was there an incredible of inflow of information, but also we often had trainings where articles were the facilitators. My people skills have also vastly improved due to constant client handling.

4) How do you think life would have been different had you not opted for CA?

Ans) Whenever we partake in decision making (in our course and in life), there is always an opportunity cost. Things that we have to forego for a better opportunity. For me that was my skills in writing. There were “Two roads diverged in a Yellow wood.” I honestly believe that in another timeline, I would have ended up as a columnist in some paper working on my first book on the side.

5) Any words of advice to future CA aspirants?

Ans) It may sound very harsh, but I would urge people to not join the bandwagon of just registering for CPT right out of school. Please only join if you really want to join and have the emotional endurance to do so. The outcome at the end looks beautiful, but this bed of roses has a lot of thorns that precede it.
And once that you’ve decided that you are 100% sure that you want to pursue it, then you need to slog your butt off. Work hard and success will come to you

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