Gaurav Shrawagi – AIR-1 in CA Final November 2013

Gaurav Shrawagi – AIR-1 in CA Final November 2013

In an exclusive interview with, 

Here’s what Gaurav had to convey to budding CA finalists

 A brief story of your CA journey and your future dreams
It was a memorable journey. Especially 3 years of my articleship.

I never thought that one day i will become a CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT. I was supposed to become an Engineer.

After 12th, i decided to go for commerce field & i m very happy with my decision.

My next aim is to go for a job in the field of International taxation.

b) What were the challenges you faced  
Out of 8 subjects in CA final exam, i initially found SFM very tough to crack. So i dedicated extra efforts for SFM & at the end of the day I end up securing highest marks (84) in SFM.

c) Overall approach to the exam
U shuld give equal weightage to all 8 subjects. You can not compromise one subjects & favor another subject. Because all 8 subjects carry 100 marks.

While studying dont think about results. Give ur best, God will take care of rest.

d) Subject wise strategy for the 8 papers
For practical subjects like FR, SFM, Mgt A/c do writing practice as much as possible.For remaining theoretical   subjects,  do as many revisions as possible. It will be very useful if you can quote section numbers & reference of case laws in subjects like DT, IDT, Law.

In audit, please write precise answers. Dont write haphazard answers.


e) Useful tips while answering questions during exams
At the begining, Start with the questions which are easy to solve. If you are not sure about any point/question, dont waste ur time on that que/point. Leave that que & try other one. i never solved my paper serially.

Be positive. If paper is tough, it is tough for everyone.

After completion of paper, PLEASE DONT DISCUSS ANSWERS WITH UR FRNZ. just concentrate on next paper.

f)  General advice to examinees
There is no substitute for hardwork & discipline. Hardwork never goes unrewarded.

Be confident.

“sapne dekho aur mehnat karo, apka har sapna pura honga”

All the best !!!!!!!!!!!

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