Most students never want to be part of the process,but they want to be part of the outcome-Kushal Lathia-AIR 34 in CA Final Nov’16


Hailing from a Gujrati business family, Kushal Lathia has been born and bought up in Kolkata. He completed his CA course with AIR 34 in CA Final- Nov’16. he has worked at ITC and  PwC during the 3 year articleship

1) What prompted you to get admitted into the CA course?

I did my secondary schooling from Birla High School and my higher secondary from St.Lawrence High School. I have always been interested in Economics, which is why i wanted to pursue my graduation in that field. But i was not able to secure a seat in a good institution.As a result, i ended up pursuing my graduation in the field of Commerce at St.Xavier’s College, Kolkata. Having a lot of free time post college hours and since my elder brother was also pursuing CA at that time, i ended up giving the CPT Exams in June 2012.

2) In retrospect, what has been your expected/unexpected and most cherished gain from your CA journey?

1. Access to big clients and professional business environments which provided me with an excellent oppurtunity to learn,grow and develop as a person and as a professional.
2.First hand access to varied and dynamic business processes which gave me an insight as to how businesses are run, how large corporations are managed, how goals and objectives are achieved by addressing risks,implementing controls,delegation of responsibility and accountability and ensuring efficiency and effectiveness across different functions.
3. Meeting a variety of people from different places,cultures,professional and personal backgrounds allowing me to develop professional (and sometimes even personal :P) connections with them.

3) What is your favorite aspect of articleship and why?

I interned at Lovelock & Lewes, a PwC network firm, for a couple of years and then shifted base to ITC Limited for a year. My likes about articleship are : 1. You are not completely responsible for anything.So, with no baggage in your mind, I was able to explore anything and everything which was within the scope of my team.The freedom to question the ‘set’ way of doing things is amazing provided you work in a team which is ready to deliberate,discuss and debate and answer you properly. Given a great set of seniors and a dynamic work environment, the learning curve for an amateur is steep. 2. Working in a professional environment, being a member of engagement teams handling lited clients, interacting with top management and the thrill to consistently perform and provide deliverables within specified deadlines at the benchmarked quality levels makes the hours you put in worth it.

4) How do you think life would have been different had you not opted for an CA?

My learning and development would surely not have been at that same pace had I not pursued CA and articleship. Also, I would have missed out on connecting with a great bunch of dynamic,passionate and intellectual people.

5) Any words of advice for future CA aspirants?

Most students never want to be part of the process,but they want to be part of the outcome.The process is actually where you figure out whether you are worth of being part of the outcome. So, Persevere and work hard Always keep Believing in yourself and never give up. You will have distractions and difficult circumstances in life. It is totally possible and highly probable to manage everything and yet score well if you have a clear goal, a focused and planned approach, the dedication to persist and work hard and a bit of street smartness. The CA Course and the syllabus sometimes seems like a never-ending marathon, so keep at it. With the right attitude, positive outlook and a little bit of luck, you will have a fascinating experience with immense oppurtunities of learning and networking. Dont get intimidated by the society’s view about CA, try and connect with a set of practical minded people who will offer you a realistic insight about the course, and if you find that appealing, do pursue it with committment and dedication. Best of luck!!

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