Adopt the B3 strategy = Brave (in choosing Targets), Brilliant (in Execution) and Bonded (to Achievement) – CA. Pratik Palor


Pratik Palor  hails from Jaipur and cleared all CA Levels in First Attempt and also secured a gold medal in Direct Taxes in CA Final in the year 2007. He also secured 7th Rank in CS Final

After stints in ITC Ltd and Pernord Ricard, he currently works as Operations Finance Controller- South West Asia at the Euro 5 bn+ KERRY Ingredients, Bangalore

Snippets of his interaction with Team

A brief intro on what triggered the CA decision at that point of time?

When there are more than a Dozen CAs in your Family and you happen to be a Bright Student, there is no choice left.

Jokes apart, it’s been a Prestigious Profession (read Mysterious, as well), to which people have a great regard, as a common man doesn’t get to solve the complications of Finance and Taxation (Thanks to our Laws).

What were the key tenets of your CA exam strategy?

Don’t leave any question (you never know when you are right in your answers and vice versa).

Always measure your answers versus the Best (not even the average or satisfactory) and keep attempting Mock Tests, at Home.

Don’t make or consider Tuitions as an Alternate of Self Study / Research. It’s just a compliment to that, subject to the ability of your Coach and the Crowd there.

Measure your appetite and decide to appear for Single / Both Groups, however I would always prefer both Groups.

Attempt it as seriously as your 12th Board, of which you never even thought of having another Attempt, six months down the line.

How does the CA course life transform one as an individual? Can you please share your key learnings?

Number one was understanding of Numbers and their Importance. Don’t ignore calculating, matching, reconciling and writing a lot.

Number two was lot of Courage and Consistency. And I learnt how to Balance my Work (Study) and Entertainment (Relaxation).

B3= Brave (in choosing Targets), Brilliant (in Execution) and Bonded (to Achievement).

Never Compromise on your Goals, as you would be known by your Achievements and never by what Movies or Marriages that you missed.

Never overdo any of those and decide your limits. Everybody has something that suits e.g. I never studied late and was highly disciplined with my Time Table.

In your view, what are factors one must consider before embarking on the CA journey? Aptitude, career aspirations etc.?

Yes, you must have a liking towards Numbers, Laws, Logic, Reports, Fact Finding, Analysis (however boring it might get).

Frankly speaking, all Professions are equally tough and Rewarding and it all and only depends on you.

Just go for it and give it your 100%. Treat it like your Child and not like a Girlfriend.

What would be your advice to future CA aspirants?

Never Give Up. And never let your studies Tire you mentally.

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