Let business see you as a value creator and not a bottleneck- CA. Narayan Baheti_May’04

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Snippets of the professional journey so far

Cleared CA. in May’04  and B. Com in the year 2003.  After completing my articleship from Dalmia Mohata & Associates, Kolkata, I began working as Senior Executive Controllership at Wipro Technologies on Nov’04.  Then moved in Dec’06 to Manager – Financial Planning & Analysis and Controllership at Wipro Infrastructure Engineering. Currently working as Deputy General Manager Finance – FP&A and Business Finance for Data Center, Global Enterprise Voice, Business Video, Managed Hosting and SaaS at Tata Communications Limited – the world’s largest carrier in Data and voice.

Core Philosophy

I  believe that there is no alternate to hard work and no alternate to basic intelligence , which for a CA is given. One must always endeavour to take ownership of the ultimate output of his efforts, not just his watertight silo. To cite an instance, it was critical that Purchase Orders on the hardware vendors were released on 31st of the month and that the company availed the special discounts offered for the last day of the month. While the financial professional after making all the approvals at his end can easily shrug off the responsibility from the release/non-release of order; if he can collaborate with procurement team to ensure timely release of the PO,  business starts seeing him as a value creator and not just an accountant or a a bottleneck or inspector or obstruction or bottleneck. It is very important to rise beyond this perception about CAs which is generally prevalent amongst the operations team of any company,

I have always believed that every incremental dollar made/saved for the company impacts me indirectly and thus took complete ownership of the work I was doing. Never did the feeling come that I was an employee who wanted to work 10 to 6 for a salary cheque.
As a CA, your passion for numbers should resemble that for your girlfriend during teenage and not that for your wife 5 years post marriage 🙂
Managing people is critical to success and leads to accolades such as this



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