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CA required with 1-2 years of exp. at a FMCG Co., PAN India


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29 Nov 2023

Job description

The following pointers :

  1. F&CP probationer is 12 months probation period & during this probation period candidate will go through the different finance stint based in factory & branches core finance team.
  2. Stint will be based in factory production costing & finance, & branch stint will be based on sales distributor life cycle management, D2D branch banking operations, claims management , Procure to Pay , Record to Pay & claims management & compliance adherence
  3. Stint duration at lease 3- 4 month in factory & then change to another factory  or branch.
  4. Post 12 months probation basis performance assessment probationer will be absorb as Full time employee on designation position line Factory or Branch  Finance Assistance controller.
  5. Even during & after 12 months probation completion location can be anywhere in India
  6. Preferably articleship experience from big 4 or large scale manufacturing industries

Stint Title 

Branch F&C Probationer Stint (3 months)

1. Market Visit

DC Visit & understanding the operation- STAR package at C&S agent

2. CD Visit & understanding the operation- 

  • Order taking process at retailer
  • DOR measures and implications
  • Merchandizing Activities
  • SAmpling Activities & Controls 
  • SDS Interface at CD and at OMCs/ Nestle
  • CD Audits (Claims and Bad Goods)

3. NBS Visit & understanding the operation- 

  • Order to Cash process, operations of CoC - Role of DS, CDs, OMC, Credit Release, DCs
  • End to end process of distributor claims – receipt, processing and issuance of credit notes.

4. HR- 

  • Understand the sales management function and the sales organization structure 
  • Understand Concur

5. CDT- 

  • Distribution drives, activity calendar
  • GD allocations, Budget allocations, TPPs etc. working at granular level
  • Merchandizing initiatives
  • Understand how the VISA’s are made and uploaded to SDS via Console, also giving insight into T Plans / M Plans as well as month end accruals and OID.

6. SDM

7.  SCM- 

  • Sales forecasting and planning
  • Understand the background working of sales projections
  •  Understand the Products, Customer (Trade) and Consumer to gain an insight into our business.

8. Infodesk

9. Nutrition

10. Branch Office, understanding BCCGSD/ RTM/ Nutrition & Maternal Operations- 

  • Understand the Products, Route to Market and to gain an insight into our business.
  • Nutrition Detailing and WHO Code

11. F&C Control- 

  • Orientation with Branch Accounts Team incl below

i. Bad goods control
ii. Financial Forecasting, Credit Control  - Order Release, Credit Policy, Types of Credit terms, Credit Limit Revisions, Delayed payment , Penal Interest Debits, 3-3-3 Analysis.
iii. Pricing Mechanism – PED, OID, CDC
iv.  Process of PR-PO-SES, GRIR, vendor payments
v. Cutomer Contribution Statmenet, ROI 

  • Orientation with Branch Tax Team

i.  Understand the GST laws, rules, procedures and submissions on a monthly basis.

12. Branch F&C Project/Role

Factory F&C Probationer Stint (6 months)

1. Production
Detailed line visit with simple theme of "input - process - output" for every key resource. 
Attend WORs - Session with Key SAP users / technician
Field Visit - for product category specific factories like Milks, Coffee, tea etc.
Associated Co-Packers visit (as applicable)- 

1. Understanding of manufacturing process. Key production drivers, Calculations and internlinkage 
2.  Understand the various forms of losses. Apply principle of Mass Balancing. rework
3. Understanding of booking on SAP, DMO
5. Physical understanding of resource and bottleneck.
6. Key Sundry Materials used in process.

Field Visit:
> Understand the farm gate to factory gate concept of Key materials like milks, coffee, tea.
To develop a good understanding of: 
- Crop / Material season - Lean, Flush, key components in field that add up to the cost of Raw materials. 
- Process - Field cultivation / farm process, see good practices, risks of adulteration in crops / materials etc. 
- Transportation (commercials, losses, transit risks etc.)
 - Field procurement model - co-operatives, ECOM, direct procurement etc. - Suggest improvements, if any

2. Engineering : 

  • Detailed visit of Plant utilities & understand the function of each machine and linkages with production line
  • Understand immportance of each KPI alognwith their backup calculation (Basic understanding of fuels and energy)
  • Attend WORs 
  • Session with Stores in charge & understand the controls and importance of technical store
  • Understanding of SHE PM

3. Safety

  • Key safety aspects
  • LIfe Saving Rules, Machinery Safety Modes

4. IP

  • Understand line capacity, concept of AI, line balancing, standard manning
  • Focus on NCE and Shark, how the same are driven in units
  • Manpower planning
  • Understanding of Master recipes
  • Overtime & Idle Labour Management

5. HR

  • Labour compliance - understand relevant laws and statutes applicable to factory incl Factories Act
  • Factory org structure
  • LTS process
  • Key challenges faced

 6. SCM 

  • Planning - MRP and DRP
  • Reception process of Key RM and PM esp. silo based.. Handshake process with Production for RM, PM, semi-finished and finished goods. 
  • Cycle Count, Stocks Controls in warehouse (factory and external)  including scrap and disposals. 
  • Process around factory dispatches
  • Warehouse operations

7. QA and AG 

  • Understanding of QA Analysis, HACCP, Release & Monitoring Analysis, Sensory, Foreign Body Risk, Traceability
  • Line visit with relevant people to understand the various QA controls on line

8. Understanding of Factory Costing 

  •  Product Costing 
  • Conceptual clarity of BoM, Recipe and NPD process
  •  Understand standard setting esp. Labor, Energy and FFOH. and Variance Analysis
  • Detailed knowledge of project related areas
  • Understanding of ACE
  • Understanding of SAP functionalities - S8.2, Material Master, BOM & Recipes, allocation drivers, variance cockpit
  • DF Exercise 
  • Focus on SHARK, Digitalisation and Process Automation
  •  GL CC structure, Chart of accounts etc.
  • Network Buying - Roles, Spends Covered, Authority Matrix, Overview of Startegic Buying & Capex

9. Overview of CCC (after 1.5 - 2 months of factory stint)

  • Factory Fixed Overheads - Types of Spends and control measures; Chart of accounts
  • Capex - Capitalisation Cycle, Depreciation Runs, Impairment Triggers, Capex Pre Evaluation
  • Training on Transfer Pricing & how the same is processed in the SAP.
  • Month End Actualisation in SAP after the inputs are shared to CCC.
  • How the S.8 is made after the month end runs are made in the System.

10. Understanding of Fixed Assets, Capex, Taxation and Financial Accounting

  • End to end Fixed assets life cycle.
  • Triggers for idleness / impairment
  • GL CC structure, Chart of accounts etc.
  • FFOH Management & Accounting
  • Release Strategy, procurement process (Strategic / Op / Network buying)

11. Attending department DORs, WORs. Participating in PEC and DF process etc.- 

  • Understand the linkages between various KPIs

12. Factory F&C Project/ Role

HO F&C Probationer Stint (3 months)

1. Overview of Management Accounting

  • Understanding of various P&L lines, Sales figures – RIG, OG.
  • Analysing business results and preparing various Business reports
  • Allocation of actual costs to Product level
  • Short & Medium Term Planning process overview- ATLAS / DF Analysis
  • South Asia Region consolidation - Actual and DF
  • Overview of DF Tool
  • PFME reporting - Actual and Plan
  • MIS and presentations to Management

2. Overview of BU Control

  • Understanding role of business Co-Pilots and how Co-Pilots can positively impact business results.
  • Overview of DF Tool
  • Understanding P&L from business perspective  
  • Pre and Post Evals of Capex and marketing spends.
  • Capex Evaluation
  • NPD costings
  • Understanding Competitive Landscape (Key players, Geographical spread, Mkt Share, etc.)
  • Short and Medium Term Planning process
  • Business simulations

3. Overview of Supply Chain Control

  • Overview of Supply Chain
  • Commodities
  • Overview of P2P process & business rules
  • Role of strategic buyers
  • Overnine of Capex, S&IM and Commodity Purchasing

4. Overview of Taxation & Insurance

5. Overview of Treasury

6. Overview of Internal Audit- Internal Controls

7. Overview of Costing- Key materials valuation / costing like Milk solids, coffee, tea  

8. Overview of GAR

9. HO F&C Project/ Role- Understanding various verticals within HO F&C

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