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Multiple vacancies for CA/ CA Inter, with 1-5 years of exp, at a Manufacturing Co., Mumbai

Manufacturing Co.

year_icon   1 - 5 Years

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year_icon   Manufacturing

year_icon    Chartered Accountant

27 May 2022

Job description

Purpose- Why does this role exist?

Member handles Finalisation of Accounts, Statutory Audit & Tax Audit, Filing of Income tax Returns, Co-ordinating for Scruting Assessments & appeals, Statutory Compliances under Dircet & Indirect Tax Laws, Ragulatory Compliances with RBI, Budgetary Cintrol, Assisting in Merger & Acquisitions etc. of 20 Promoter Group Entities. 

Organization Chart

Position reports to: Head- Accounts & Taxation

Positions peer with: Manager, Sr.Manager, AGM

Key Result Areas:

Routine KRAs 

1. Supervising day-to-day Accounting, Fund Planning & Fund Transfers. 

2. Review & Approval of all payments & receipts, ensuring Budgetary Control and Internal Financial Controls.

3. Statutory Compliances under Direct & Indirect Tax such as Income-tax, Service- tax, GST etc. 

4. Preparation and Finalisation of Annual Return to be filled with ROC in XBPL/ Non- XBRL.

Specialised/ Significant KRAs

1. Finalisation of Accounts (Standalone & Consolidated), ensuring timely & smooth completion of Statutory Audit adhering to applicable Accounting Principles i.e Indian GAAP or Ind AS.

2. Finalisation of Tax Audit, Tax Computation & Income Tax Returns.

3. Compiling and presenting various details/ submissions for Income tax Scrutiny Assessments.

4. Co-ordination with the Tax Counsel for filing/ contesting appeals before Commissioner/ Tribunal.

5. Reviewing and finalisation of the Accounts, Tax Computation & Income Tax Returns prepared by other sub-ordinates in the team.

6. Co-ordination and assisting in M7A/ Re-organisation/ Re-aliqnment Activities of the Group.

7. Monitoring other Regulatory Compliances under RBI & FEMA.

8. Presenting MIS to management for Cash Flows, making Investments for CIC Compliance under RBI.

9. Assisting & Attending Board Meetings have Independent Directors for companies managed.

10. Acting as Professional Director in 8 (Eight) Companies.

Critical Tasks

KRA's and Key Activities

KRA 1: The member monitors and review dat to day accounting and Banking operations maintained by sub-ordinates.

KRA 2: The member ensures the Statutory compliances of Income tax, GST, PF, PT etc. and other governing laws.

KRA 3: The member is primarily approving all the payment/ receipts ( Including branding and capitalisation realted expenditure) before submitting to authorised signatories to the bank account for final remittance. In this process,  the members ensures the Genuiness of the transaction (including budgetoery control and internal financial controls ) and ensures all statutory compliances w.r.t TDS, GSt crdit etc.

KRA 4: The member finalises the financial statments & Board Reports of various group Companies in line with the Accounting principles i.e India GAAp or Ind AS.

KRA 5: The member is responsible timely filing of Annual return for implementation of relevant filing of financials after finalistion with the Registrar of Companies. In this process the team also complies various data presented under financials as per the requirement of the format prescribed by Ministry of Corporate Affairs. 

 KRA 6: The member is responsible to resolves all critical and important issues relating to financial statements in consultation with Statutory/ Internal auditor and other consultants. The members is ensuring that in case of listed companies, the applicable financials results ( Quarterly/ Half Yearly) are timely publised and communicated to recognised stock exchange.

KRA 7: The member is responsible for financials of quarterly and yearly tax computations after through evaluation of applicable provisions of Income Tax Act Including the recent amendments and ensuring that Tax Audit and Income Tax returns are filled within due date.

KRA 8: The member monitors the process of scrutiny assessment. He Complies/ scrutinize the various financial data before submitting to IT Department. The member is also responsible for thorough checking of the order passed by the department for further course of action, if required like Appeal, rectification etc. The member monitors the pending refund with the IT department/ tax consultants. 

KRA 9: The member is instrumental for finalising the ground of appeal before filing. The member deliberates the issues with the counsel/ consultants before hearing and thereafter attends the hearing before CIT (A) and Tribunal.

KRA 10: The member reviews the financial statements for, ensuring proper compliance of applicable laws, correctness of income tax computation and returns, prepared by the sub-ordinates.

KRA 11: The members assists Management by compiling various data in coordination with the consultants for various assignments like Mergers & Acquisitions/ Reorganisations/ Restructuring acctivities and Misc. Valuations.

KRA 12: The members ensures that the transactions which are taking place are in consonanace with RBI and FEMA Regulations. The members ensures for proper Implementation or relevant changes in various statutes e.g. Ind AS, Direct & Indirect taxes etc. and also re-assesses the compliance at periodic intervals.

KRA 13: The member compiles the cash flow based on the future requirements of the companies/ group. The members also timely intimates the Management w.r.t to shortfall of funds, if any.The member checks for the statutory limitations, if any, during inter-company transfers of funds.

KRA 14: The member attends the board meetings of the companies having independent directors for responding the queries/ information sought by the Directors. He also prepares the PPT for presenting to the Board of Directors. 

KRA 15: The member is acting as a professional director in 8 companies.

Decision making authority (Decisions expected)

Micro level decisions are taken by the team members. Macro level decisions are taken in consultation with Seniors.


1. Decision Making & Problem Solving

2. Execution Excellence

3. Team Work & Team Building 

4. Ownership & Drive for Results

5. Effective & Open Communication

6. People Leadership

Working relationship- Stakeholders

Internal: Secretarial and Finance Department, Project Department, Various Other Group companies.

External: Statutory Auditors,Tax Consultants, Various Vendors and Consumers, Regulatory authorities such as Tax Authorities, RBI Officials etc.,

Key Success Factors- Challenges

The major challenges is to handle companies having different kind of business and having different statutory compliances and that too in a particular time frame.



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