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CA, with 5-8 years of exp., as a Senior Manager, at a Manufacturing Co., Mumbai

Manufacturing Co.

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26 May 2022

Job description

Position Name

Senior Manager - Corporate Affairs - Promoter's Funding & Lenders/Investors Relationship Management



Reports to

Head - Corporate Affairs - Promoter's Funding & Lenders/Investors Relationship Management


Purpose - Why does this role exist?

  • Support the Head in various tasks related to finance activities of various promoters’ group companies viz. negotiations with the lenders, review and finalization of finance and legal documents
  • Responsible for independently handling the regulatory compliances and managing the financial covenants of the loan documentation
  • Responsible for independently handling the Rating agency for all rating related compliances, information sharing and relationship management
  • Responsible for independently handling the communication and interaction with all the Trustee
  • Managing relationships independently with certain NBFCs with exposure of INR 200 crores and below


Organization Chart                                                                                    (attach Organization Chart as Annexure)

Position reports to          : Head - Corporate Affairs - Promoter's Funding & Lenders/ Investors Relationship Management

Positions peer with         : Manager Secretarial Compliance / Manager – Accounts & Taxation             

Positions reporting         : 1 – Manager Corporate Finance

Key Result Areas (Key Performance Indicators)

  • Managing finance for promoters’ group companies with an existing loan portfolio of approx. INR 7,000 crores spread across 40+ transactions and 15+ lenders
  • Regulatory compliance and managing financial covenants

Critical Tasks

KRA’s and Key Activities

ROUTINE KRAs and Key Activities

  • Supporting the Head in various tasks related to finance activities of various promoters’ group companies
    • Deciding and monitoring the financial covenants
    • Examining and finalizing the financial and legal documents to verify accuracy and adherence to financial regulations and acceptable financial principles
  • Manage the preparation of MIS for development and execution of funding strategies and identifying top-up / top-down requirements to maintain optimum security margin level


  • Monitoring of security margin as per loan agreements for share backed financing of INR 7,000 crores (approx.) and review of related compliances
    • Responsible for maintaining required collateral levels and reviewing related disclosures made by compliance team as per SEBI guidelines
    • Managing the financial covenants and overseeing compliances done by Secretarial team for creation/ satisfaction of charges with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs
    • Managing trustee compliances on a periodical basis


  • Correspond with various stakeholders during funding transactions and also for day to day activities.


  • Managing relationships independently with certain NBFCs with exposure of INR 200 crores and below which includes negotiation and finalisation of interest rates and other crucial covenants over and above other finance activities.
  • Independently handling the credit rating of structured obligations (listed and unlisted NCDs) aggregating to INR 3,700 crores approx
    • Discussions with business analysts on financial projections and business prospects of the company as well as the group as a whole.
    • Providing rationale for upholding / revising credit rating for funding transactions.


  • Responsible for providing aid to the senior management for decisions relating to funding of promoters’ group companies
    • Provide financial reports and interpret financial information to senior management while recommending further courses of action.
    • Conduct reviews and evaluations for cost-reduction opportunities.


  • Actively involved in funding transactions of other group companies (including operating companies)


  • Managing compliances of the promoters as well as promoters’ group companies while bidding for companies referred to NCLT under IBC, 2016.


Decision making authority (Decisions expected)

  • Deciding parameters for financial covenants of legal documents
  • Appointing Trustees, Rating agencies, etc. for funding transactions
  • Independently handling finance transaction with NBFCs with exposure of INR 200 crores or below


Educational Background and Work Experience

  • Chartered Accountant with at least 10 years experience (preferably 12-15 years) in areas like fund raising, relationship management, understanding and working towards regulatory compliance
  • Knowledge of Listing compliances, RBI regulations wrt FPI investments/ funding, working experience of Rating procurement and relationship management


  • Effective and open communication
  • Negotiation skills
  • Relationship building / Interpersonal skills
  • Execution excellence
  • Achievement orientation

Working relationships – Stakeholders

Internal :

  • Legal
  • Compliance
  • Accounts & Taxation
  • Internal Audit
  • Other teams of O.P. Jindal Group



External :

  • Financial Institutions
  • Lawyers
  • Trustees
  • Rating Agencies
  • Depository
  • Stock Exchanges
  • Auditors

Key Success Factors – Challenges

  • Negotiations with Financial Institutions to ensure the T&C of the finance documents are favorable for JSW.
  • Ensuring ancillary cost of funding i.e. fees paid to various rating agencies, trustees, etc. are maintained at minimum levels.
  • Crunched timelines for funding


Other information

  • Correspond with Financial Institutions to seek permission and address all queries wrt various intra group merger, structuring, realignment, reorganization undertaken for streamlining of the businesses and succession planning.



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