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CA/ICWA, with 5-6 years of experience, as a Process Head (R2R), at a Manufacturing Co., Pune

Manufacturing Co.

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20 Jan 2022

Job description

Poornata Position Title of the job

PH R2R Transaction

Reports to: Poornata Position


Delivery Head R2R


Finance & Account

Reports to:


Finance & Account



Reports to:




1) Job Purpose: Write the purpose for which the job exists (in 2-3 lines)

To ensure delivery of a high quality, customer focused service to the assigned units/zones in accordance

with agreed Service Level Agreements, while following the defined operational and control procedures.


3) Job Context & Major Challenges: Write the specific aspects of the job that provide a challenge (interna l a nd external) to the jobholder in the context of the Business/Unit/Function/Department/Section

The Company has been formed with a vision of introducing a Best-in-Class Shared Services Center with strong focus towards governance and efficiency through  digital transformation,  end to end process optimization and adoption of Best Practices; with strong data analytics capability for providing business insights for value enhancement.

In its initial growth phase, the company focus is to bring centralization of the Finance and Accounts operations within UTCL units for bringing in efficiency through process improvements, process standardization, effective service delivery and optimal deployment of people; thereby generating higher value from the resources deployed. Post centralization and migration of all identified accounting activities and people from UTCL units and marketing locations, the company will be extending its services to other businesses entities.

The activities carried out at the company broadly pertains to (1) Transition of various F&A processes and people from UTCL and other business entities to the company, (2) Standardization of processes and re-allocation of people for better efficiency and resource utilisation and (3) Driving continuous  improvement  of  the central processes by implementing best practices and enhancing the benchmarks (4) providing value add propositions to the Business teams to optimize working capital elements and generate business impact/savings.


3) Job Context & Major Challenges: Write the specific aspects of the job that provide a challenge (interna l a nd external) to the jobholder in the context of the Business/Unit/Function/Department/Section

At the company, R2R Tower manages and maintains records of financial transactions of all Units. The Team ensures that the close process is completed in accurate and timely manner providing  necessary insights on the strategic, operational, and financial facets which give an in-depth idea of an organization’s performance thereby supplying information to stakeholders who want to know if their expectations have been met

Since the company is at evolving stage, the  role incumbent  will have to initially focus on  providing  optimal service to UTCL by effectively executing the lifted-and-shifted processes of the respective units/zone, and later focus on institutionalizing the standard processes defined by the company.

Key Challenges:

Keeping Employee engaged: As activities are timebound, the pressure on the employees is high. High pressured timeline and high volumes isn't managed well by all employees and hence retention is a challenge.

Manage employee expectation: Working under pressure with stringent timelines, the employees expect to be rated fairly in the assessments conducted every month, however since the organization follows Forced Distribution for assessments, all employees may not always be rated high despite their excellent performance

Time Bound Activities: Since most of the activities are time bound, peak load for most of the month affects work-life balance and satisfaction of team members

Getting accurate information: R2R is not only responsible for maintaining and updating records, but are also expected to analyses the data and seek explanation wherever needed from the relevant stakeholders which then form basis of their reports and other statutory compliances. Coordinating with multiple stakeholders and analyzing the data becomes a difficult task in absence of accurate data


4) Key Result Areas: Write the key results expected from the job and the supporting actions for each of these key

result areas (For a majority of jobs typically there could be 4- 7 key result areas)

Key Result Areas

Supporting Actions

Seamless Business Transition

  • Execute tasks as assigned by the DH/BT team during transition and ensure tracking and closure of all activities as per the agreed timelines for assisting DH in successful transition
  • Identify process gaps during transition and provide inputs to DH

Process Transformation / Standardization

  • Identify process gaps, scope for automation, process improvements to be done on a periodic basis and provide inputs to DH. Assess compliance requirements for the processes proposed by SME for standardization and provide necessary inputs to DH
  • Ensure effective implementation of process improvements and automation projects in liaison with various teams and provide regular updates to DH / SME
  • Ensure UAT testing is done by team members for any process change / system change and report updates to DH / SME
  • Ensure all communication to all team members for any process change / system change is done on time with all relevant information
  • Ensure that the team is trained on process improvements/ alterations, in co-ordination with Technical Trainer
  • Resolve queries from team members / stakeholders which are related to processes followed

Quality & Service Delivery Excellence

  • Review all working & Accounting related to Statutory payments to ensure accurate & timely payment & Statutory returns filing to comply with all requirements as per various laws & Statutes
  • Review & Approval all the Accounting & related work done by the Team Members
  • Prepare the Process Dashboard & Monthly employee wise performance review with update on critical activities for the review of Delivery Heads
  • Ensure all SLA and TAT for the assigned regions /units are met with frequent reviews and suitable action plan implementation
  • Ensure the productivity targets set for team members are met and in case of any inconsistencies, check for reasons and ensure the same are adhered to. Review the allocation among team members and ensure proper utilization
  • Front end all escalations and ensure they are properly managed and controls are in place to mitigate the same for the assigned units / regions
  • Validate entries posted in the system/ work done by the Team Members to check for accuracy of services delivered by R2R
  • Rectify minor errors while validating the entries and in case of any other errors revert back the case to Team Member for rectification.

Variance Analysis

  • Conduct Balance Sheet Variance, Working Capital Variance & several other variance & ageing studies to be shared with the Unit Facing Team on a monthly basis
  • Connect with relevant stakeholders for clarifications on the variances and provide the same to the Seniors and Auditors if required.
  • Escalate to the Delivery Heads on the variances that are critical and accurate justification is not available for the same

Timely Audit Closure

  • Coordinate with various Teams to collect the data request by the Auditors - Statutory Audit, Tax Audit, Internal Audit, Interim Audits. Review the data prepared by the Team Members & share the same with the Auditors.
  • Coordinate with other teams for seeking responses to queries raised by the Auditors on activities which are not handled by R2R.

Accurate and Timely maintenance of accounts

  • Review and approve system related work done (entries updated in the system) by the Team Members
  • Responsible for timely and accurate closer of all Books of Accounts of each Unit within the defined timelines
  • Ensure Bank Reconciliation is accurately done on a periodic basis and prepare debtors schedule to be shared with the R2R and Units Heads for required follow ups
  • Review and approve salary sheets prepared by the Team Members for accurate details before sharing with the R2R Team for disbursement
  • Ensure timely closure of Customer F&F of the Marketing Units
  • Address and close escalations from the Team Members on ageing of customer advances - Follow up with R2R
  • Review CAPEX Report, WHRS Report (CAPEX), CAPEX Sent Report shared by the Team Members on a timely basis and share with the relevant stakeholders
  • Review and ensure UGHAI related transactions are updated in the required manner
  • Review and approve actual TPC working on Qtrly/Half Yearly basis, TPC working calculation for ADDL, TPC working calculation for Non Trade/Key for Marketing Units
  • Review GRIR Ageing with remarks on a periodic basis
  • Cater to any ad hoc report requests by the Senior Management within the agreed timelines
  • Prepare the Dashboard with update on critical activities for the review of Delivery Heads

Continuous Capability Improvement (Process, People and Technology)

  • Perform root cause analysis under the guidance of DH
  • ropose corrective and preventive action taken to minimize negative outliers / target misses to the DH
  • Ensure effective implementation  of  improvement  projects, including automations, simplifications and enhanced controls for the assigned units/ regions
  • Ensure employee participation in the periodic trainings conducted by Technical Trainers for improving people capability
  • Ensure all pilots for any process improvements and /or technology enhancements are effectively implemented under the guidance of DH for assigned units/region

Risk Management & Governance

  • Ensure effective implementation of controls for the assigned units/regions
  • Review team members are following the process that is signed off at Tower Head level across all units / locations assigned
  • Validate if the statutory compliances are accounted correctly and payments are done as per due date to avoid non compliances. Post confirmation for GST release ensure the same is released
  • Ensure MSME payments are done on time to avoid non compliances. Monthly review the file received on MSME payments by R2R team and provide reasons for late payments if any
  • Support audit requirements by providing all necessary documentation and data

People Management

Strategic Workforce Planning

  • Provide inputs on workforce requirements to DH keeping in mind the estimated workload for the assigned units / regions

Staffing & Retention

  • Provide all information to DH on open position requirements on time
  • Ensure smooth onboarding process for all team members for the assigned units/ regions
  • Ensure early warning signals are identified on time and action plan is developed and implemented for controlling attrition levels for the assigned unit/regions

Learning and Development

  • Provide inputs for creation of L&D plan to DH for building people capabilities
  • Provide functional expertise and mentoring to teams members and make necessary arrangements to release employees for attending training programs

Performance & Rewards

  • Set performance expectations, review team performance and provide constructive feedback on a periodic basis as per the defined practices defined of the tower for assigned unit/zone
  • Ensure appropriate action is taken against non performance cases and all PIP cases are handled managed well for all assigned cases Organizational Culture & Employee Engagement
  • Encourage participation of team in various employee engagement initiatives
  • Encourage employee participation for sharing their views in surveys, polls, townhalls, etc. Through various initiatives taken by HR. Analyse the inputs shared by employees and propose action plan for driving improvements for the assigned units/regions
  • Implement the action plans and strive for continuous improvement in employee engagement levels of the team membe

Stakeholder Management

  • Maintain close working relationships with key stakeholders like Regional Head/ Section Head and attend governance meetings for the assigned units/regions and attend those meetings to gather feedback, understand issues etc
  • Ensure all actionable from the monthly governance meeting are tracked and closed
  • Understand the feedback received from the customer survey conducted and provide inputs to the DH for preparing action plan
  • Implement and track the action plan for closure for addressing the feedback received during the survey for assigned units / regions so as to aid in improving the score
  • Act as a SPOC from the company end for particular location and ensure all queries are resolved which are coming from stakeholders by connecting with the concerned spocs at the company

Value Creation / Business


  • Assist DH in implementation of initiatives identified for improving working capital, cost reduction etc for the tower

The company Finance & Accounts

  • Ensure adherence to F&A policies and timelines set by the F&A team in submission of required requests/documents
  • Support timely and successful F&A audits (Statutory Audits, Tax Audits, Cost Audits, Internal Audits) at the company by ensuring required documents/evidences are submitted by the assigned process teams


5) Job Purpose of Direct Reports: Describe the job purpose of the direct report/s to the job (in 2-3 lines for ea ch report)

Team Member R2R – Transaction

This role is responsible for recording financial transactions pertaining to the assigned Unit/Zone & processes in a timely and accurate manner


6) Relationships: Describe the nature and purpose of most important contacts or relationship (except superior/team members) with individuals, departments, organizations inside and outside of the organization, that job is required to interact with in order to deliver the job objectives

Relationship Type






Delivery Head


Reporting any status / Guidance




P2P Team

As and When


Updates for provision details and MSME


Tax/MDM/Finance- Units

As and When


Assistant/Review/Discuss Process related



Units/RO Team

As and When Required

Attending governance meetings, providing

status of transactions, follow up for any data

or clarification

Team Members

As and When




As and When


For any IT related queries/ implementation of






As and When


Related to vendor discrepancies and queries

Direct Tax Authorities

As and When


Tax Laws and Regulations



As and When


Audit related activities



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