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B.Com/CA, with 10-12 years of exp, as a Credit Control, at a Manufacturing Co., Chennai

Manufacturing Co.

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21 Oct 2021

Job description



Job Title: Accounts Receivable-Head

Reports to: 




 Summarise in one statement why this job exists; and how it contributes to the overall mission/objective of the   organisation.


The role of Accounts Receivable Officer for the company is to manage the entire receivable’s function, develop the strategic plans, set objectives and policies for the function in alignment with the overall accounting function’s goals. He will ensure accurate and timely collections and oversee customer relationship management. He will also be responsible in developing the team for account receivable’s function and design their performance indicators.



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List the expected end results that must be achieved in order to fulfil your job purpose and the activities that help in achieving these results


Key areas of accountability


  1. Lead customer on-boarding
  • Manage new customer/dealer addition – monitor documents, seek necessary approvals and coordinate for new customer code creation
  • Ensure that the company’s standard template regarding new customer addition, invoicing, collections, and refund management is in place for every customer with proper customer code
  • Ensure timely creation of codes
  • Make recommendations to improve quality of customer addition process
  1. Streamline invoicing process
  • Handle a broad scope of internal processes related to green channel invoicing and non-green channel invoicing
  • Help address any roadblocks in full-scale green channel invoicing implementation
  • Monitor overall invoicing process
  1. Manage overall collections
  • Manage overall collections with accurate adjustments for advance receipts/ security deposits/ refunds/ fine
  • Ensure timely issuance of delivery challans and vouchers
  • Take necessary steps in recovering missed payments
  • Monitor NSF checks and maintain all records pertaining to NSF checks
  • Manage periodic reconciliation of accounts with banks, dealers/customer ledgers and on-time updation of RTGS payments
  • Convince customers to adopt RTGS payment method
  • Oversee cheque postings, management of collections, reconciliation, adherence to debtor’s policies, and month-end-closing
  • Make recommendations to improve quality collection procedures
  • Review receivables and proactively manage the collection process for all types of dealers/customers
  1. Lead credit/debit note and refund management
  • Manage overall debit/credit note and UAC process right from creation to seeking approval
  • Enter debits/credits, and resolves billing/payment discrepancies
  • Liaise with appropriate parties to ensure timely posting of necessary transactions
  • Ensure timely processing of discounts, credit notes and refunds
  • Make recommendations to improve quality of CN/DN and refund management
  1. Maintain customer ledger and ensure timely reconciliation
  • Create, maintain, and review accounts receivables report, records of invoices, bills and deposits and other relevant documents including overall master data
  • Check numbers, postings and documents for correct entry, accuracy, and proper allocations and ensure adherence to billing cycle
  1. Manage customer relationships - lead customer query management
  • Manage customer/dealer complaints or queries and ensure timely resolution


  1. Oversee risk management and compliance adherence
  • Ensure that the overall function operates in alignment with the relevant legal and accounting policy requirements and ensure that all necessary documentation is in place   
  • Ensure compliance with statutory and regulatory rules in conjunction with Corporate Finance function
  • Ensure timely preparation and release of various financial reports by building strong accounting processes
  • Stay updated on industry and legislative changes




Describe the major challenges you face in carrying out your job, and what you do in order to overcome them.


  • Understanding and managing specific needs of multiple customers/ dealers in terms of portfolio, payment cycle management, credit note management etc.
  • Overall query management



Who (internal/external) does this position interact with on a regular basis to perform this role? How often and for what purpose?




  • Regional Finance Head
  • SBU / Sales team members
  • Direct reports & employees (on-roll & off-roll)
  • Other accounting functions
  • Customers / Dealers
  • Bank representatives
  • 3rd party agencies



List the KPI which will reflect the scope and scale of activities concerning your job.

                    (These should be quantifiable numerical amounts)





Definition/ Remark

Customer on-boarding

TAT for new customer addition


Time taken from receipt of documents to creation of new customer code

Collection management

Accounts receivable turnover ratio


Net credit sales/average accounts receivable

Collection effectiveness index


CEI= (Beginning receivables + Monthly credit sales – Ending total receivables) / (Beginning receivables + Monthly credit sales – Ending current receivables) x 100

RTGS ratio


Number of invoices having RTGS payments as a % of overall invoices generated

CN/DN management

Average time taken to generate credit (or debit) note


Average time to create the relevant credit / debit note in SAP

Customer query resolution

Average time spent in resolving customer/ dealer queries related to discounts


% of total time spent in addressing customer queries related to discounts


Average time spent in resolving customer/ dealer queries related to credit/debit note


% of total time spent in addressing customer queries related to credit/debit note


Average time spent in resolving cross functional queries


% of total time spent in addressing cross functional queries


Rate of dealer complaints due to erroneous invoices/entries


Dealer complaints arising due to errors in invoicing / entry



                    State the minimum acceptable proficiency for this job. Do not state incumbent-specific information



  • Bachelor’s degree in Accounting or Finance
  • Any other relevant degree in Accounting or Business-related fields


  • Proven work experience as an Accounts Receivable Manager or Supervisor
  • Hands-on experience with accounting software; good knowledge in spreadsheets and MS Excel, SAP
  • Excellent analytical skills along with the ability to create and present detailed reports
  • Ability to accurately process numerical data
  • Proficient in using all different types of office equipment and basic computer operation



  • Good managerial skills with the ability to work with a diverse group of people and in a team environment
  • Ability to manage a team of accounting employees including recruiting, hiring, and monitoring daily workflow
  • Problem solving attitude with decision making capabilities and strong negotiation skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

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