MBA/CA, with 4-7yrs of exp, as a Manager Accounts & Taxation , at a Manufacturing Industry, Silvassa and / or Umargaon
Experience : 4years - 7 years
Salary: 0.0 Lacs - 0.0 Lacs
Location: India, Gujaratother,
Job Validity: 2021-06-30
Functional Skills: Accountancy
Job Type : Permanent
Industry : Manufacturing
Qualification : MBA, Chartered Accountant,
Role : MBA/CA, with 4-7yrs of exp, as a Manager Accounts & Taxation , at a Manufacturing Industry, Silvassa and / or Umargaon

Job Description


Job Title: Manager Accounts & Taxation


Department: Finance

Location: Umargaon / Silvassa plant

Reports to: (Title): CFO


Reporting team: 2-4 people



Approved by: Director


Job Purpose / Role:

The position is responsible:

  • for accurate and timely preparation and presentation of all facets of the financial and operational performance of the company. It primarily includes preparation of periodical financial statements, cash management statement, accounts receivable, accounts payable, inventory, tax submissions, and all other fiscal and statutory duties.
  • support business objectives in Payments and Collections area through adherence to all internal & external procedures with vendor / customer service orientation,
  • support initiatives of FP&A team and other Management initiatives carried out from time to time.

Key Functional Activities and responsibilities:







  • to prepare, validate, analyse and present the periodical Financial Statements and other book-keeping ancillary records, with an objective to present true and fair view of financial and operational performance of the organization as per the statutory requirements,
  • to validate and maintain the relevant documents and trails of all transactions and events with a view to provide adequate supporting evidence,
  • to efficiently identify, plan and execute the strategic accounting needs, policies and procedures for crucial transactions and events.

Taxation (Direct and Indirect)

  • Laying out the tax function objectives in a tax strategy documents and ensure that they are communicated to and understood by board, executive management, other stake holders & employees whose activities are impacted by tax numbers,
  • Prepare, validate and maintain the records of periodical tax data submissions and reconciliation,
  • To efficiently manage the relationship with Tax advisors by way of enriching the knowledgebase of self and team; and ensure timeliness and factual accuracy of all tax compliances and statutory filings,
  • Attend diligently to the tax assessments and statutory authorities in connection with taxation issues as and when required,
  • Track and maintain the details on assessment status and litigations and efficiently work towards its closure,   
  • Efficient monitoring of tax submissions and pay-outs with an objective of avoiding interest & penal charges and tax leakages thereby, generating value to the organisation.

Other ancillary activities

  • Fixed Assets accounting and periodical ledger and trial balance scrutiny,
  • Review daily bank reconciliations and updating the cash-flow file,
  • Periodical review and reconciliation of vendor payables and customer receivable balances basis ageing analysis and balance confirmation; follow-up meeting with cross department teams and addressing customer / vendor concerns,
  • Periodical processing of vendor payments basis the credit terms and transaction evaluation,
  • Validation of inventory quantity and value through periodical physical verification,  
  • Monthly payroll processing (with assistance of HR team and consultant),
  • to support in the implementation and execution of the budgeting processes and performance evaluation process through MIS in the organization and ensure orderly generation of various reports.
  • Validate and record transactions and events appropriately, timely and in an errorfree manner to provide updated information to Management,
  • To ensure that management, board of directors & other users of financial statement get sufficient information necessary to enable them to make inform decision for the business.

Audit management

  • To ensure providing error free data and information on time to cater the needs of internal & external auditors, advisors, other statutory authorities, and Management,
  • Interact and ensure adherence to Statutory requirement of internal and external auditors & facilitate the relevant Audits on timely completion,
  • Providing Key Financial Data to outside agencies and Management (as and when required)

Review and management of records

  • Review and manage the maintenance and filing of true and fair periodical Financial Statements and relevant activities with support of a team,
  • Review and manage the Direct and Indirect Tax records and relevant filing work with support of a team.  

Documentation and Reports

  • Periodical Direct and Indirect tax returns, filings and payment compliances,
  • Advance Corporate Income tax estimate file.
  • Assessment status and litigation tracker,
  • Monthly Financial statements and other MIS required to support the FP&A function,
  • Monthly provisioning file (incorporating all periodical payments),
  • Professional fee tracker (Contract summary, invoice booking and payment) by professional by work,
  • Insurance management tracker (all type of insurances)
  • Subsidy management and compliance tracker
  • Working capital tracker – Daily BRS, Cash flow file, spend analysis file and monthly stock statement file.
  • Attend and prepare for monthly meetings for reviewing progress of current initiatives and make future forecasts for the same,
  • Analysis and review of all reports and suggesting strategies for improving profits, device universal templates for preparation and presentation of various reports, to be used by all the teams.
  • Ensure timely preparation of report to be presented to the CFO and other Management members which shall be covering matters pertaining to Company profitability, working capital and cash-flow management, etc.
  • Work towards automatization and efficiency building up,
  • Support on all Management initiatives and active participation in its execution. 


Key Performance Areas
















  • Timely and errorfree preparation and presentation of:

              - Periodical Financial Statements

              - MIS on working capital, highlighting deviations and actionable needs,

  • Adherence to timeline and accuracy of recording of monthly MIS, periodical Financial Statements, and other reports as and when needed by Management,
  • Adherence to timeline and accuracy for various financial reports such as evaluation of alternatives, competing CAPEX proposals, working on financial feasibility, etc.
  • Implementation and / or improvement of current costing and accounting systems,
  • Identifying cost reduction opportunities and daily, weekly, and monthly monitoring of Conversion cost and Inventory,
  • No. of process improvements initiated and implemented successfully,
  • Catering efficiently and effectively to the needs of audits and other Management initiatives and special projects.





Job Interface / Relationships:


  • Management - Directors and HoDs,
  • Cross department teams,




  • External auditors, Banker, credit rating agencies and other advisors / consultants,
  • Statutory authorities.
  • Suppliers and customers


Job Specifications:

Educational Qualifications:




MBA in Finance / Chartered Accountant



Technical knowledge required:

Practical experience of working in a Manufacturing and Retail organization and working close to the CFO / Management;  

Specific Skills required:

Through knowledge of Accounting Standard and Standard Auditing Practices; Knowledge of ERP apart from having financial expertise and should have a business acumen, trouble shooter attitude and self-starter. Ability to manage the team and drive the work efficiently.

Professional Experience required:


Salary Budget:

5-7 years (preferably in Manufacturing cum Retail organization)

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