Would you hire a candidate with ‘not so good’ communication skills

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“Sonia, the candidate must have excellent communication skills”
This comes as the standard refrain from my clients as we initiate work on their mandates, be it a mandate for corporate headquarters or remote plant locations
We often get profiles of CAs who are worth their ‘grain of salt’ w.r.t. Technical Knowledge and Output on the Job , but just don’t make the cut through Group Discussions in high-stake Campus Interviews due to ‘Interview Phobia’ or ‘lack of training’.
Are interviews heavily skewed against the ones who are not so ‘suave speakers’ ,  who just can’t sweet talk enough to create a sparkle in the interviewer’s eye.
Unless its a Customer Facing Marketing & Sales or Investor Relations Role, do Communication Skills really matter ‘so much’ on the job ?
Haven’t you often cursed yourself for recruiting a ‘glib talker’ who post-joining turned out to be only a ‘glib talker’ with little substance
Isn’t communication skill often confused with ‘the ability to speak fluently in English’ . And what if someone’s written English skills are good but is not a great speaker ? We get so many rankholders who write so well but simply because of ‘not so great’ matriculate schooling background
You see, most of the time, a financial analyst would be working on Excel spreadsheets churning out data for your management ppts, and thus unless, one needs to interact with overseas counterparts, say in a KPO, can’t one work equally efficiently while communicating in his/her mother tongue !!
Shouldn’t you just grab these candidates with great value to be unlocked and polish out the rough edges? Can’t these skills be taught by your active interventions on the Learning & Development front?
They say ‘ don’t judge a book only by its cover’ and a candidate just by the way he/she talks in an interview
What Do You Think (WDYT)
Would love to hear your views on this
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Sonia Singal : cajobportal.com