[cajobportal Insights] Have you passed the ‘Failing Test’


This Children’s Day, the FMCG major Unilever (also one of our first clients), launched a campaign titled ‘Surf Excel: The Falling Test – A Social Experiment’

Children and adults were challenged separately to walk across a 20 feet log.
84% adults fell off the log. 
No wonder, 92% children fell too.But all of them completed the challenge 
When adults were quizzed, they were like ‘We fell once and thus didnt try again’ nor did we think about out-of-the-box ideas to help each other succeed.
That was not the case with the kids. They tried repeatedly, just like the proverbial spider in the ‘Robert the Bruce’ fable
Was inspired immensely by this short video. As adults, the option to give up seems just so easy, and when we don’t succumb to the temptation, we carve the defining moments of our life
For you, it could be that internal meeting where you took a contrarian stand against everyone else in the meeting and eventually stood vindicated , your first product launch, job change, your saying ‘yes’ to an internal role movement, appearing for an interview and getting rejected, trying to ride a bicycle, falling in love etc.
For me,  it has been the transition to ‘living on the edge’ @ cajobportal, post a comfortable corporate job at Deloitte.
bacche haar maante nahin kyunki bacche haar jaante nahi i.e. Kids don’t give up because they are not aware of what is giving up i.e. failure as a concept was not known to them.
Maybe #HaarKoHarao should be the mantras for adults also.
Let’s all take a pledge that we would inculcate a culture of #HaarKoHarao??
Would love you hear your thoughts on this
P.S.  This week, my first entrepreneur interview ever on Television was broadcasted by Taaza TV, a leading news channel fof East India. Please do watch it here and share your feedback

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