#CJP Insights: WFH Interview Questions

Good Evening,

According to a recent survey by ValueVox, ~ 59% employers are not in favour of remote working in the new normal. 70% say that once the solution to the pandemic is found, they shall discontinue WFH and return to their good old workplaces. This comes amid a survey which says that as many as 3 out of 4 employers highlight no decline in employee productivity due to remote working

However, with Covid19 making its presence felt yet again, WFH will be here to stay.
How would behavioural case interviews be accustomed to this life:
Illustrative questions could be:
a) Your kid is crying, your maid hasn’t come, and you have to host a zoom call: tell us your priorities!
b) You have 10 MBPS data speed, your wife has a meeting to attend, your mother in law is watching Netflix, and your kid has an online class. Your team is complaining that your voice is breaking on the Video conference, what will you do?
Also resumes could have pointers like
– Having a home with (soundproof) workstation or separate study room
– Full time house-help
– 2 broadband connections, mobile network booster
– can talk in the same tone even if woken up by call.
– can initiate, organize and come live on an online meeting in just 17 seconds.
What do you think ?