#CJP Insights : Turning Points in Career

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We all pursue our chosen fields of work and for that, put in long hours, commitment, trust and dedication

But sometimes, destiny intervenes and tells us that it has different plans. These are times when the path of your career can change direction quite sharply

So, for instance, I never, in the remotest of dreams, had an inkling that one fine day, I would be into recruitment after coming my Chartered Accountancy and MS-Finance to work with Deloitte USI. But detours are always unexpected. Accompanying my husband to IIM Ahmedabad , we formed this venture CAJobPortal.com on campus and I landed in this world in the year 2014.

This week, I stumbled upon this article which showed that Mr Uday Kotak apparentlywanted to become a professional cricketer before an unfortunate incident prompted him to pursue the field of business.Uday Kotak, now 61 years old, wanted to become a professional cricketer and even pursued the game under the guidance of Sir RamakantAchrekar.


On Mr Achrekar’s demise in 2019), Uday Kotak expressed his condolences on Twitter and revealed his own ambitions and what prompted him to stop pursuing the sport. He spoke about a fatal injury he sustained when he was just 20 years of age. While playing a Kanga league game, he was struck with a ball in the head when a fielder threw the ball back to the stump. A surgery was later performed in time and Kotak “turned out well”.Kotak wrote that he still misses playing cricket, even years after he quit the sport.

After a brief stint at the family’s cotton-trading business, he went on to pursue his MBA at the prestigious Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies in Mumbai before starting out in finance in 1985 at the age of 26.

The bank he created boasts of a market capitalisation of INR 388,000 crores.

Isn’t this transition quite amazing – from an aspiring cricketer to becoming one of the richest bankers in the world.

Has your career also undergone dramatic shifts in paths? If you are in HR, have you created facilitative structures to help employees take risky bets? So if the path of your career is going to change, how does one get ready to manage the process?


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