#CJP Insights : There is no such thing as a dream job

Beta, what do you want to be when you grow up – a question that elders fondly ask kids – I want to be a doctor, engineer, scientist, astronaut, IAS officer or maybe a designer, painter, cricketer.

We grew up writing essays on “My Aim in Life” as part of school curriculum.

The motivational books say that when you love what you do, it would not feel like work/job

I ask CA freshers what they want to do and everyone wants to get into Investment Banker/ Private Equity/ Venture Capital / Bond Markets.

Newspapers tends to be deeply in love with Day Zero placements in IIMs and IITs. Crazy salaries, congenial work environment, steep learning curve, work-life balance – seems that these select bunch of youngsters who have secured jobs in an Investment Bank or a Management Consulting firm, have got their ‘dream job’ and life will be perpetually beautiful ever after.

However, when reality strikes, we often realize that there is no such thing as a dream job.

15-hour workdays, Living out of a suitcase, endless deadlines, super high client expectations and variable nature of the payouts – M&A deals falling apart at the last moment, leading to zero commissions , life becomes quite hellish. Not so dreamy after all

Even if you succeed in getting a dream job and work with people you always wanted to associate with, there are chances that things, colleagues, boss or the work demands would change

Some are struck by homesickness, some get too difficult bosses, some are inundated in the toxicity of corporate politics.

We, human beings, are quite lousy, when it comes to understanding what makes us happy.

 A job that appeals to you at 24 very likely isn’t going to be a good fit for you at 44

So maybe one could temper the excitement by pragmatism and ensure that illusions of a potential dream job in the future don’t mar your happiness in current job