[CJP Insights] The power of Krishna’s army versus his mentorship

Good Evening,

There is this event in Mahabharata that indeed drives home such a powerful lesson

Both Arjuna and Duryodhana reach Dwarka at the same time, seeking His help.

Waiting in a room, Duryodhana was seated in a chair at the head of the bed and Arjuna was waiting with folded palms at the foot of the bed.

When he woke up, Krishna saw Arjuna straightaway and then He saw Duryodhana and welcomed them warmly.

Duryodhana bluntly stated that he had reached first and in the event of a war between them, Krishna should support him.

Krishna replied that Duryodhana might have reached first, but He saw Arjuna first. Since, traditional dharma gives preference to the younger person, Arjuna’s choice should be first granted.

Krishna stated that He would not wield weapons and not participate in the war. He offered His entire army to one side and Himself to the other.

Arjuna revealed the true spirit of a devotee when He held on to Krishna. Duryodhana was more ego-centric and was indifferent to Krishna’s Paratva. He felt Arjuna had made a wrong choice and was sure they would win the battle.

But as they say, the rest is history

On the auspicious occasion of Janmashtami I wish you Lord Krishna’s guidance creates wonders in his life