[CJP Insights] The candidate has no third umpire – this isnt IPL :)

Good Evening,

IPL season is in full swing and the side effects of being into the business of recruitment is that I try to build analogies from all walks of life.
So often it happens that the on-field umpire raises his finger, the player appeals and the third umpire declares him not-out. So there is room for reversal of fortunes,
Now when it comes to recruitment, we often find that very good candidates are rejected in interviews , sometimes on the basis of  snap judgments ,interviewer responding intuitively to physical appearance, sometimes getting reminded of someone they disliked in the past
And that’s a harsh reality.
For the candidate, this erroneous judgement closes doors to a bright career ahead  ; the organisation also stands to lose out on an otherwise very good candidates
But the candidate has no third umpire –  this isnt IPL 🙂
And maybe there are practical constraints also – how would it be feasible to entertain multiple such requests
Can interview panels be the answer?
What are your views on this
Will love to hear