[CJP Insights] Stop Showing Me More!

You’re shopping at a store.
You see a few items in the display window.
You like one and are about to finalize the sale.

And the sales guy says, “I can show you more!”
And he brings out one more variant from below the counter.

He notices your indecision.
And he brings out yet another one!

Now you’re wondering if there are more (better?) ones that he can show you…

The Store Manager should be fired!

For giving lousy training to that poor sales guy!


1. When a customer is close to deciding, don’t interrupt and don’t oversell!

2. If there are more options, show all of them at once so that the customer doesn’t go through the mental agony of evaluation again and again

Decision-making is hard.

Too much choice makes it harder 

That’s more mental strain!

Offer choice, but NOT too much & definitely NOT sequentially!

Do you want the sale to close, or not?