CJP Insights : Spotting value buys in the job market

Good Afternoon,
Being into recruitment since the last 6 years, we have seen the human psychology at play, from very close quarters
Everyone wants a consultant to fetch them value buys – and only then is the 8.33% justified
Else fetching resumes from a Naukri Resdex , Monster or LinkedIn and paying top dollar – a generous 40% hike with ESOPs to a talented CA/MBA working in an HUL or P&G , Mckinsey or BCG doesn’t require extraordinary results
So then what is the ask
Find out candidates who are good but underpriced ( typically remote plant locations of manufacturing conglomerates), who are priced well but willing to take a cut to shift to their home town , who are good , reasonably priced but desperate to change because of an impending transfer, a bad boss,  denied promotions 😊
We recently were wanting to recruit a candidate for Sales and Marketing at CAJobPortal and MBAJobPortal – someone who, even after hearing the 9th no , would call the 10th HR with a smile.
This girl, let’s say Ms X , applied.
In her current job, she was drawing 50-60k per month , complete Work From Home, full flexibility of work from the owner, got her postpaid mobile bills paid by the firm, would get laptop screen replacements and battery changes reimbursed by the firm.
We sensed so much happiness and contentment in her current job that we knew she would want the moon if she were to change. So we dropped her candidature.
Isn’t this philosophy a practical one – no candidate will actually change if say, s/he is in the quadrant : Company = Good and Boss = Good and Salary = Balle Balle  बल्ले बल्ले
A certain quantum of frustration is absolutely necessary. So we could rank job-seekers on Frustration Index 😊
What do you think ?