#CJP Insights: Reach your goals like Maradona

#CJP Insights

Reach your goals like Maradona

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Argentinian football legend Diego Maradona died yesterday at 60, suffering a cardiac arrest.

The flamboyant player was best known for leading Argentina to the 1986 World Cup title

It was a perfect alignment of stars on that momentous day of 22/06/1986 at the Estadio Azteca in the sweltering heat of Mexico City. The 51st and 55th minute of the World Cup quarter-final to defeat England 2-1. He enraptured the world with what he did with that second goal.

The manner in which he manoeuvred 60 metres (66 yard) past five England players was his claim to Fame . The goal was also, incidentally, voted “The Goal of the Century” by FIFA.com voters in 2002.

With a height of 5’5, Maradona did not possess the physical stature to tower over the opposition in a physically challenging contact sport like football. He proved that size does not matter. On the contrary, he used the same to his advantage, the low height meant he had a low centre of gravity, he could manoeuver better than most other players.

Made me reflect on the state of our careers also.

So, we really cannot use excuses like I don’t have a pedigree, I didn’t inherit a legacy. Most successful people didn’t either. They were self-made.

If we really want to reach the pinnacle of success – say CXO league in the corporate world or the unicorn club in the start-up world, we will invariably have to dribble past massive opposition. By design, the corporate world is shaped like a pyramid and only a few chosen will teach the middle and top of the hierarchy.

“Just trust your instincts and go for it” Maradona said in this context.

A lot depends on how deftly we can manage this exercise, also using our so-called weakness to become our actual strengths, which will define our trajectories.

I sincerely hope that you reach your goals like Maradona

Stay focused, stay sharp and stay hungry – Lead form the front


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