[CJP Insights] Is the corporateworld ready for children from a manicured society?

Good Afternoon,

Aloof from the chaos of the world outside, 9-year-old Khushi stays in a gated community – a top-end residential complex. In the pre-Covid era, she used to go to school in an AC car. The classrooms, too, were air-conditioned. For the past one year, she has been on Zoom classes, for either school or extra-curricular activities – astronomy, public speaking, drawing et all.  All the delicacies of life, be it a Netflix subscription, I-Pad or the latest Barbie dolls, are provided to her at the slightest of request to over-indulgent parents. Moreover, why wouldn’t they – she is the only child to a double-income couple – father being a senior banker and mother being a successful Mutual Fund distributor. They have had it tough in their way up the ladder and thus have decided that their daughter would be given access to all good things in life – no pain at all, no struggle at all. She will not ever travel thru public transport, she will not ever do household chores, she will not ever hear No.

It is a manicured society that we are making these children live in.

Moreover, it is not only this couple that is resorting to this sort of upbringing. Almost everyone, including me, are on the same plane.

What if they break down for the first time they fail in a competitive exam, the first time their CV is rejected for a job, the first time they are denied promotion in the workplace, the first time they fall victim to corporate politics, the first time they are asked to be posted in a remote location in Tamil Nadu of this storied MNC FMCG, instead of their London based global headquarters.

Will they be able to handle it all?

My limited submission often has been what will be the fate of these children when they enter the unforgiving outside the sheltered upbringing of their parents. They grow up with a sense of entitlement and suddenly what will happen when they realise that the world does not owe them a living.  I already see this when I want to recruit CA Freshers for my clients and everyone wants to join Investment Banking, Private Equity and Venture Capital ; and a INR 7 lacs p.a. job in a tyoical manufacturing / banking company just doesn’t appeal to them. They are brash, rude and unapologetic.

I do not blame the children. We have created this bubble

And it’s an important question that how do we burst them.