[CJP Insights] “Don’t be a MinimumGuy”

If you had seen the recent web series Family Man-2, you would have seen Srikant Tiwari’s new boss is on his nerves. The 28 year -old boss Tanmay Ghosh keeps on pestering him and tells- “Don’t be a Minimum Guy”

Corporate Life is about the laptop screen, Zoom calls, coffee machine, birthday cake-cutting, fine dining and ‘Not to be a Minimum Guy’ – respective bosses define the definition of “minimum guy”

In terms of evaluation as per the GE’s Bell Curve

  1. a)A minimum guy ‘meets expectations’ and is content with it
  2. b)The ‘maximum guy’, on the other hand, ‘exceeds expectations’ or is ‘outstanding’

The question that seeks your attention is that in the Indian context, do most bosses really

  1. a)want their sub-ordinates to outperform, to be the “maximum guy” or
  2. b)in their heart of hearts, they actually want the majority of their team members to continue being the “minimum guy”

For the top bosses in their late 40s and 50s, there is a crucial role of ‘power play’ here. There is the addiction to the chair and maybe the insecurity that stems from not having upgraded the self. You can pick up any traditional organisation (top-heavy hierarchy) and relate to that I am saying.

So in that case, you will find that

–          the “minimum guy”, say a normal CA fresher with limited ambitions in life, recruited at a package of INR 7 lacs p.a. stays on and

–          the “maximum guy”, a rank holder CA, recruited as part of an elite program, at a package of INR 20 lacs p.a. gets frustrated within a couple of years and moves on. He realises that the path to CXO is simply not there.

In case of FMCG MNCs, maybe the “maximum guy” has multiple role rotation opportunities, overseas stints and stays on

In many companies, eventually the “maximum guy’s priorities in life change – family, health etc. and he is happy being the “minimum guy”

How does the cookie crumble in your organisation? Do you have any clearly identified policies to deal with the captioned subject?

Would love to hear from you