[CJP Insights] At what age are people usually happiest?

Good Afternoon,

Normally, one associates childhood with happiness – complete care-free life, far away from the madness of adulthood , ice-creams, multiplication tables and friends.
But new studies seem to suggest that we are happiest as adults.

The study titled “Established adulthood: A new conception of ages 30 to 45” seems to suggest that  the zone where people are happiest is not nine years or 23 years, but 36 years.
Counter-intuitive as it may seem – it is a time when you are inundated by the world of responsibilities –  buying a flat, marriage ( costly affair because of the societal pressure) , career, children and then maybe taking care of ageing  parents
People were feeling overwhelmed, having too much to do in too little time. But they also talked about feeling profoundly satisfied. All of these things that were bringing them stress were also bringing them joy.
maybe its got to do with the fact that in the 30s, you have a solid decade plus of experience of the real world, you get insights into what you want from life and what you dont, what works for you and what doesnt .  And maybe its this wisdom that causes this happiness .
What is your sense on this?