#CJP Insights- Are you chasing the cattle in the opposite direction?

#CJP Insights

Are you chasing the cattle in the opposite direction?

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In many parts of the world, cattle have bells tied to them to track them in case they start roaming away from their herd. In Switzerland it called a Trychel, in Germany it is Almglocke and in England it is called the Cowbell.

Often this is deployed as a strategy to work as an alarm. The moment a thief comes to take it away, one can sense the direction of movement from the bell.

However, the thieves, these days, have upped the game. They very well realise that the owner will run in the direction of the ringing bell to catch hold of the cattle being stolen. So, they come in a pair: they surreptitiously get hold of the cattle & untie the bell. One person leads the animal in one direction while the accomplice runs, ringing the bell, in the opposite direction.

So, it turns into a Misleading Alarm. You chase the cattle in the opposite direction.


An employee may have been completely burnt-out due to Work from Home (WFH) [over- exposure to screen, the overlap between work and life, lack of human interaction etc.).

He/she would wish to raise the alarm but the focus is on the other direction. Because there is this trend to celebrate the novel concept, as the decision makers in a company, we may rely upon Employee Engagement surveys which are filled under duress – because no one wants to antagonise the HR. Result that the company’s online feedback, say on a Glassdoor or AmbitionBox is completely out of sync with our internal data.

So, are you also relying also on false alarms.