Only if we could pierce the candidate’s heart

The recruitment industry today has two buckets of revenues – ones who sell access to data and the others who sell outcomes i.e. the candidate’s joining the company and being paid that x % of CTC
As the story turns out often, you have this CA fresher , registered as a job-seeker  on,who is so keen to get himself interviewed for a position in Nigeria.
We ask him “Are you sure, you want to go there’?. He says “Yes”
We ask him “Are you sure your parents will allow you”?. He says “Yes”
We ask him ” Are you sure you won’t back out later”? . He says “Of course, not”
Mam, just please arrange an interview for me
The guy sincerely and successfully moves through the multiple rounds of interview.
An impressed client rolls out an offer letter.
Now the candidate stops taking our calls and responding to emails.
We realise he just wanted to test his market value.
The client is super angry and tells us 
“Sonia, YOUR candidate backed out. So much of our time have been wasted”. 
There is so much tension in the air.
We must apologize and accept complete moral responsibility for the debacle. Although we had no role in their upbringing and formation of values
The story, in different versions , gets repeated at various levels, be it CA Industrial Trainee or CA Senior Manager-Treasury. The CA Industrial Trainee suddenly informs that his articleship principal did not allow him. The CA-Senior Manager-Treasury suddenly finds that his organisation loves him so much that there are generous appraisals and promotions, all waiting for him, this April
People back out without any qualms, as you are ‘just another consultant’ and the next time, they will catch hold of another consultant . Its a super fragmented industry and the candidates have no skin in the game
As my spouse Anurag jokingly tells me that in the last 3 years, but for these back-outs’ we would have been crorepatis.
Well yes, thats a fact.

I only wish that like Lord Hanuman who had pierced his heart to prove his intent , we could do something similar for candidates at the screening stage.

Would Artificial Intelligence or psychometric tests work. I am sure”No”. The calculative human mind, with all its complexities, can bypass all of them
Maybe you just need to get lucky in recruitment, luckier than the other consultant 🙂
What are your thoughts on this ? What are the best practices you have established in your organisation to gauge a candidate’s intent, making him pierce his heart like Lord Hanuman
Would love to hear from you on this !!

Thanks & Regards!!

Sonia Singal :