[CAJobPortal Insights] Work from Anywhere

On a lighter note, here is the HR exhorting employees to return to office

If you look at Etymology, the term ” office” is inspired from from a combination of the Latin phrases
opus (work) +  facere (do) = officium (performance of work)
In the pre-Covid era, offices were an absolute necessity –
If you stayed at home, basically you had to take the day off :
Technology was simply not available or very limited to allow work away from office.
Without Zoom or MS Teams – how would you brainstorm with colleagues, how would you share screen and show your work to boss and co-workers.
WFH is not for everyone . Some enjoy coming to office
– Water cooler conversations in enhance social equity
– Creative juices flowing better if you are physically also present in the team meet
– There are also trust issues
But if you look at the advantages of WFA
Organizations can
– reduce or eliminate real estate costs
– hire and use talent globally and perhaps enjoy productivity gains.
– Workers get geographic flexibility (that is, live where they prefer to),
– Workers eliminate commutes, and report better work/life balance
What has been your organsation’ s policy
–  Completely back to pre-Covid life
– Fully WFA
– Hybrid