[CAJobPortal Insights] Why criticism lasts longer than praise

Insults, sarcastic comments or unfair feedback – are the prerequisites of job life, without which the salary alone won’t come
While physical injuries can take a matter of weeks to heal, negative comments scar us for a lifetime. Negative remarks from people we love can lead to long-lasting mental wounds and resentment that can cause relationships to break down
In one study, scientists at McGill University in Canada, used eye-tracking technology to study which news articles volunteers paid most attention to. They found that people often chose stories about corruption, set-backs, hypocrisy and other bad news, in preference to positive or neutral stories. People who were more interested in current affairs and politics were particularly likely to choose the bad news, and yet when asked, these people said they preferred good news.
Criticism is also amplified when it comes in large quantities. Case in point is social media.Despite having the best-selling album of 2019, Billie Eilish said in an interview that she avoids looking at comments. “It was ruining my life. The cooler the things you get to do are, the more people hate you. It’s crazy. It’s way worse than it’s ever been.”
So if you don’t do well, you face criticism
If you do well, you face even greater criticism
So, what’s the way out – by forming a huge thick-skin
By overriding the negative and accentuating the positive, we might stand a better chance of achieving our dreams. Lets focus on overcoming the torrents of criticism