[CAJobPortal Insights] Too quick to form judgements?

Vivek was a senior finance professional in this Shared Service Service. I had been following up with him for the last 1 month. He had initially assured me that he would help me get connected to his HR for vendor empanelment. And now, there was no reply. Neither did he pick up calls nor replied to whatsapp messages. Eventually you form judgements about the individual – why doesn’t he want to help. Oh, arrogance – he was my contemporary in CA tuitions , I had helped place his niece in 2016 in this MNC Bank. But now when it came to helping me , look how self centred he has become.

Turned out that his mother was in ICU for the last 25 days and he was running from pillar to post to figure out how she can be taken off the ventilator 🙁

God could not be everywhere, so he created mothers !! Everyone’s Mom is so special.

And now Vivek was undergoing so much trauma.

And I cursed myself for being so quick in judging him, without knowing the complete details.

It’s hard to always take the higher ground and give people a chance, especially in this fast paced world. We can be rushed and careless with our interactions given everything we have to accomplish – like more clients for CAJobPortal.com, in my case; however, showing empathy for someone else can make big shifts in our world. Yes, there are many who actually dodge us after giving initial rays of hope. But generalising doesn’t serve any purpose. And it destroys relationships. The challenge, therefore, will be to change one’s default reaction to situations, which has been conditioned to be negative

What do you think?

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