[CAJobPortal Insights] The Power of Hope

Good Evening,

There is this powerful folktale in the Middle East which is quite pertinent in current times.
There were 2 prisoners who were about to be hanged to death.
And then one of them suddenly promised the Emperor that he knew a rare skill , whereby in a span of 6 months, he could teach the Emperor’s horse to fly. This really got the Emperor excited. If true, this would make him owner of a prized possession, unheard of in the world.
So he was given a chance and the hanging onto death was postponed.
The other guy was super shocked and asked him why did he lie when he clearly knew that this was not possible
The prisoner replied that there are 4 possibilities in the next six months
a) The horse dies a natural death in
b) The emperor dies a natural death in the next six months
c) The prisoner dies a natural death
d)  The horse learns to fly – absurd as it may sound
And in the worst case, he said that even if he were to die after six months, he would have the satisfaction that at least he lived six months 🙂
That’s the power of human hope
So pertinent in the current times where everything is going topsy turvy
And even in normal times , when you say Yes to roles that are super large in comparison to what you have currently managed – say in terms of team size, complexity or risk associated with the employer brand
say, when the interviewer, takes a leap of faith and gives you an opportunity, when when you don’t have relevant work experience , when you are not a ‘plug and play’ profile, but h/she still believes in your capabilities
What do you think?