[CAJobPortal Insights] International HR Day Special

For us, before we launched CAJobPortal.com in 2013, HR was just a conduit for entry into organisations for CAs like us, Once we entered, there was hardly any interaction, except the one-off queries on payslips and appraisal form filling
But after we have interacted with the HR community in such great depth over the last 8 years, we have been able to appreciate the role HRs play in an organisation. Like we know how difficult it is for us to onboard one single hire in an organisation and the HR function does that seamlessly for hundreds
And the challenges for HR keep changing so fast – for 2020, the challenge could be helping people adapt to a WFH culture, digital burnout, distributed teams . for 2022, the challenge could be to motivate them to get back to office – creating an ecosystem where individuals WANT to (not NEED to) show up at work every day.
HR has now being moving to a business partner role and so many like Ms Leena Nair have taken over CEO roles
International HR Day is a day where we reaffirm our commitment to supporting the profession, especially from an Hiring and L&D perspective