[CAJobPortal Insights] In it for the money

One of the biggest hiring red flags is the fact that the candidate is obsessed about the perks and compensation. Normally we don’t want to interview the candidate for the second round. The heuristic is that if someone is money-minded, he/she wont stay beyond 2 years. They will surely get someone else to offer me a 30% hike again.
Even for existing employees in our organisation, we find it hard to digest someone’s vocal about money – how much they are being paid vis-a-vis peers
Money is talked about in hushed tones in the power circles but it’s almost harakiri to discuss it openly
Isn’t money such a hard thing to be honest about.
It is tied into status, possibility, self-worth, connection, sustenance and more.
As a society, we hate someone with naked ambition – it must be camouflaged .
But let’s be honest
Would you work for the organisation if it stops paying you ?
Would doctors treat you if you wouldn’t pay them
Will super intelligent people work on mining Bitcoins if it stops having any value?
Maybe someone really had life events where money acted as a a bottleneck ; so he/she is keen to ensure that money is not a constraint in happiness of loved ones
Then, why hate someone who is honest about money
Would love to know your thoughts