[CAJobPortal Insights] HR also needs an HR

Good Evening,

In any organisation, for employees, HR is the go-to person for all problems – from joining to exit – it is the HR function which touches upon the various facets of the employee life cycle.
Sometimes, the question emerges of what if HR needs interventions from the organisation. Say, a junior HR folk who wants to raise a grievance against his/her senior in the function. How do they do it? You go to your boss and tell that I want to complain against you. It’s a matter of concern. A cardiologist must have another person to go to if he/she has a heart attack
A situation also arises where the HR function is blamed for cornering the highest increments for themselves – because unlike finance, supply chain or marketing, HRs apply the Bell Curve to their own appraisals. How do they drive home the point that their appraisals and increments were as objective as other functions
So, a separate HR for HRs is the need of the hour
What do you think?