[CAJobPortal Insights] Counting Attendance during WFH

Work From Home (WFH) unleashed a new era in the realm of organizational dynamics

Internal Auditors are questioning HR on how did they give 100% attendance to employees during the WFH era
In the erstwhile regime, the biometric was the gold standard in measuring “Time In” and “Time Out” of the employee – physical attendance was unquestionable – even though
Now what could be the documentary evidence to support the fact that the employee has actually worked during the day and deserved the salary . My sister-in-law working in a conglomerate has an app where she has to login and register the attendance- but i ask her that you can simply login the app from the market as well, watch a movie , visit the restaurant while continuing to earn the salary, as long as the boss is ok –
So is there a gap from a controls perspective?
Do you issue a set of straightforward guidelines along the lines of ‘We Trust You’ ?
Do you resort to the use of employee tracking and performance software and technology ?There is no shortage of digital tools for employee monitoring — or, as privacy advocates put it, “corporate surveillance.” Multiple services enable stealth monitoring, live video feeds, keyboard tracking, optical character recognition, keystroke recording, or location tracking. If the company employs such software, it can sometimes border on surveillance , which may not be taken in good taste. Surveillance threatens to erode trust between employers and employees
 Do you change the goalpost to “It’s not about time put in – but accomplishment.” Then you can use the software for tracking greed goals, milestones and outcomes
What do you think is the right approach here? How do you walk the tightrope?