[CAJobPortal Insights] Boss

Good Afternoon,

We can choose the educational degrees that we want to pursue, we can choose the kind of companies we want to work for , but we cannot choose our bosses
And it is this random allocation by Lady Luck that is a key determinant of our career success
 The value of boss management cannot be overemphasised. Forget ambition. Forget promotion. Forget raises. Just think of the job and how to be effective in it.
How do you get the resources you need – the information, the advice, even the permission to keep at it?
The answers always point toward whoever has the power, the leverage – that is, the boss

Early on in one’s career, we get two types of bosses

  1. Ones who consider you as a ‘use and throw pen’
  2. Ones who treat you like a fountain pen that they are proud of, carry it to all meetings, refill the same with doses of appreciation and guidance

Progress happens through both categories

What have been the types of bosses you have encountered in your life?
And which ones have contributed the most to your career growth