[CAJobPortal insights] Be a part of Interview Panels !!

Rewarding employees for referring candidates is a common practice. It’s a win-win for both the company as well as the employee. The company saves on vendor agency costs while the employees make some quick bucks. Also the candidates referred are supposed to have a better offer-to-acceptance ratio as there is a moral suasion aspect when you get your CV referred thru close network
However, we were quite surprised by one of the practices being implemented in a reputed company where Senior Managers and above get an allowance of say INR 2000 per interview conducted by them. Recruitment is a strategic priority for this specific organization. So, maybe as part of massive recruitment drives or campus placement season visits, the person in question gets this allowance.
However, one of the aspects that is worthy of being considered is that during office hours, aren’t the employees anyways supposed to engage in activities related to furtherance of the company’s economic objective. So, between working on, say, the quarter end Financial Reporting activities, where I get just my salary; carving out an interview slot makes me eligible for an additional Rs 2000 🙂
Wouldn’t I love to keep interviewing candidates the entire day?
This is potentially a conflict of interest ; sends a signal to junior rank & file that seniors are raking in the moolah……….
What do you think?